Tulsi Vivah is a holy annual ceremonial Hindu event. Tulsi refers to the holy basil plant. The leaves of the Tulsi plant are also used in the worship of Lord Vishnu. Tulsi is often called the queen of herbs. Vivah means wedding. Tulsi Vivah is the mythological wedding of Lord Krishna, an avatar of Lord Vishnu, with the Tulsi plant. Tulsi Vivah also marks the beginning of the wedding season. 

In 2018, Tulsi Vivah is on the Gregorian date on the 20th of November. The date of Tulsi Vivah can vary each year. The date is determined as per the Hindu lunar calendar. Tulsi Vivah falls on the 12th day, Dwadashi, of the Shukla Paksha phase, in the Hindu month of Kartik. Shukla Paksha is the waxing-rising phase of the moon in the lunar month’s fortnight.

Tulsi Vivah is observed by both married and unmarried females. On the day of the Tulsi Vivah, many married females pray for the wellbeing, good health, prosperity etc of their respective husbands. The unmarried-single females seek and pray for good spouses and timely marriage. The Tulsi plant itself is regarded at times as the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. 

On Tulsi Vivah, females pray at home, preferably near a Tulsi plant; though some may visit Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna temples nearby. Many keep Vrat, fast. Many dress up nicely with wedding type clothes. Many prepare delicious special vegetarian food and sweets. A picture and-or a stone representing Lord Vishnu is placed near the Tulsi plant. The picture or the stone is decorated and showered with flower petals. Holy sweet, Prasad is offered after the prayers. 

There are several other benefits of the Tulsi plant. In many Hindu families, a Tulsi plant is kept and taken care of at home. The Tulsi plant is at times placed in the center of the house or in the courtyard. Tulsi is also used in the treatment of ailments-diseases through Ayurveda. Tulsi is also kept to repel insects in the stored grains. 

Mantra for Tulsi Vivah is—

                        Om Tripuraay Vidmahe Tulasee Patraay Dheemahi,
                        Tanno Tulasee Prachodayaat.

                        ऊँ त्रिपुराय विद्महे तुलसी पत्राय धीमहि|
                        तन्नो: तुलसी प्रचोदयात||



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