Do you know how influence of Sun can change our mind and consciousness?

Do you know how influence of Sun can change our mind and consciousness?

What is the scientific benefit of Sun influence in Astrology?

The very process of our birth is connected to the cycles, you know that clearly that feminine cycles and our birth is directly connected. Apart from that this 12 ½ quarter is one solar cycle which varies a bit. If you complete seven cycles of the solar system, if you complete seven solar cycles, you will complete 1008 lunar cycles that is if you live 84 years and 3 months then you have completed 7 solar cycles.
If you just manage to live till the completion of 7 solar cycles then you can break a certain bond with the earth. You bond with the planet is broken immensely and with very little assistance, if you know nothing about anything. You can go beyond the cycles of birth and death. Because your bond with earth, the memory which you carry of you and the memory within. You will break the bond. Once the bond is broken, then whatever work has to be done is very easy. You are the salt of the earth, this whole body is just a small blob out of earth which splashes out and falls back.
What is the Impact of Sun Flares on Human Consciousness:-
We on the daily basis admire the Sun in our own ways. Some praise, some seek the blessing, some admire its heat value and some are just getting tanned.  But have we ever thought about something is changing in our Sun. That slight and dynamic change bring out what kind of change, read below to know the how science is predicting next 6 years of behavior because of Sun spots seen.
There has been such dynamic change in the Sun’s Spot, there is going to be very dynamic change in suns spot in upcoming 6 years. So whenever this change happens, always it has been found phenomenal changes happens in human consciousness, it is not a direct change. Changes will happen like a Full moon Day or New Moon Day. 
There are certain changes happening, most human being does not notice that what of happening. .if you are psychological fragile then it is going to affect drastically and if you are Meditative, it is going to enhance your focus to another level. So it doesn’t make the change opposite to what you really are having, it’s just enhances it in a certain way that you make the most of it. 
What are the attributes of Sun according to Astrology?

  • Sun governs Scorpio, Aries, and Taurus. (Sun Sign)
  • Sun in astrology represents your personality.
  • It also represents your soul, the inner strength you get in any rough situation. 
  • It represents your beloved father, the bond or relation you share with your father.
  • It is the source of that volatile energy which can diminish the malefic affect or bad influence of any planet.
  • It immensely represents your will power as how you patiently deal with any outcomes and tough points in life.


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