8 Lucky Gemstones based on Numerology

8 Lucky Gemstones based on Numerology

The Gemstone has been playing an imperative role in the field of astrology and numerology. There are 9 gems that have been assigned to the 9 planets.

These gems are Ruby, pearl, Red Coral, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Hessonite and Cat’s eye. Unlike astrology, the gemstone and numerology have their own significance in the realm of numbers. The different astrologers recommend different gemstones based on their own experience and research. Numbers are the way to commute between you and divine. Ever wondered why specifically you were born on a particular date.

Number 1-

Gemstone- Ruby

Birth Date- 1st, 10th, or 19th or 28th 

 Ruling Planet- Sun

People born with such number are leaders; excel in every aspect of life. Introspect in many possible situations. As the Ruby belongs to planet Sun, it is especially beneficial for the political leader, administrator, corporate heads, business tycoons, managers, and organizers.

 Ruby is a very powerful and highly effective precious gemstone that is being used by the people from different walks of life.

You should wear ruby at least 4 to 5 carats in weight. The ring should be set with gold. You can use the ruby stone either in ring finger or as a pendant.

 If any situation came up or any issue arises in life, take a golden cloth and write number 1 from yellow color. And put it inside your wallet or anything close to you.

Number 2-

Gemstone- Pearl

Birth Date- 2nd, 11th, 20th, or 29th

Ruling Planet- Moon

People with such number are super emotional and hypersensitive in certain situations. They are very creative in life. Moon doesn’t have its own light so it partakes from Sun. The pearl is a highly effective precious stone for the person who is involved with creative, imaginative and innovative activities.

The precious pearl is especially recommended to the people who are into the field of artistic activities, oil industry, dairy industry, and shipping, etc.

The use of pearl can be highly beneficial for those who have been suffering from depression, memory loss, insomnia, and fearfulness. 

To enhance the luck, keep a silver coin. Rounds silver coin for if the need for emotional support. Keep the rectangular silver coin when in need of practicality and to enhance luck in life.

Number 3-

Gemstone- Yellow Sapphire 

Birth Date- 03rd, 12th, 21st, 30th 

Ruling Planet- Jupiter

People with this number are teachers, guiding other people. They are very good at making people understand.

The Yellow Sapphire is a precious gemstone that belongs to the planet Jupiter. The Yellow Sapphire is a highly effective gemstone for the people who are into educational, financial, banking, revenue, and spiritual segment.

The weight of the Yellow Sapphire should be at least 5 carats. You can either wear in the index finger or in the neck as a pendant.

Number 4-

Gemstone- Hessonite

Birth Date- 04th, 13th, 22nd, or 31st.

Ruling Planet- Rahu

Following the Intuition or intuition voice will transform your life pattern totally. Best Thinkers, very good planners, stay away from smoking.

You should wear Hessonite either in the middle finger or little finger on Wednesday. Wearing hessonite can be highly beneficial to you in your career, profession, and finance. You can expect robust health and patience by wearing the Hessonite.

Number 5-

Gemstone- Emerald

Birth Date- 05th, 14th, 23rd.

Ruling Planet- Mercury

People born with this number are very intellectual, sharp, and witty. The key to your life is communication. The Emerald is highly effective for the people who are into international business, commerce, research, and science.

You should wear Emerald either in the little finger or as a pendant on Wednesday. The weight of the Emerald should be at least 5 carats. You can wear the Emerald set with either gold or silver.

Number 6-

Gemstone- Diamond

Birth Date- 06th, 15th, 24th.

Ruling Planet- Venus

People born with this number are likely to be very creative, charismatic, mesmerizing power and can attract anyone quickly.

The Diamond is highly effective for the person who is into the field of fashion, jewelry, acting, designing, and decoration, etc. It is highly effective for the native who is into the creative field.

The weight of the diamond should be around 1 Carat. You can wear it either in the gold or white gold in the middle finger on Friday of the bright fortnight. Wearing a diamond can enhance the love between the husband and wife

Number 7-

Gemstone- Cat’s eye

Birth Date- 07th, 16th, 25th.

People born with this number are healers, no matter in whichever profession they are. Your communication is effective for many people as they feel healed.

Wearing a Cat’s eye can bring prodigious achievement in life. It is especially beneficial to the people who are into spirituality, public speaking, writing, and research. The weight of the Cat’s eye should be at least 3 carats

Number 8-

Gemstone- Blue sapphire

Birth Date- 07th, 16th, 25th.

People born with a number are much likely to face up’s and down’s in life. But in spite of all that, the number signifies infinity. That means endless possibilities. If they adopt discipline or spirituality or behave well in social, they can transform their lives around.

The Blue Sapphire is especially effective for the people who are into mining, railways, transports, sales and purchase and oil field, etc.

You should wear Blue Sapphire on Saturday in the middle finger. The weight of the Blue Sapphire should be at least 3 carats. It should be set with silver or Ashta Dhatu.

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