About Saturday Fasting, Vrat and its Significance

About Saturday Fasting, Vrat and its Significance

What is the importance of Saturday?

Saturday, the 6th day of the week, the weekend day, is dedicated to the outer slow-moving planet Saturn. On the day of Saturday, Saturn Lord, deity Shani Dev and Batuka Bhairav are worshipped. Saturn is called Shani in Sanskrit. Saturday is called ShaniVar in Hindi. 

The factors or words associated with the planet Saturn are patience, justice, hard work, industrious, hardships, concentration, restrictions, punishment, service, pessimism, struggle, delay, fear, caution, alertness, obstacles, challenges, etc; and also happiness of all kinds, vehicle, paternal uncles, etc.

Some refer to Saturn as the planet of Karma. Karma relates to the result-reward of deeds, work, actions done in life, etc. Sometimes Saturn is regarded as the God of Duty, and God of Agriculture as well; also meaning that Saturn could punish or make a person pay a price who does not do his-her duty righteously.

What is the Saturday fast, Vrat about?

The Saturday fast, Vrat is one of the most popular fasts. The Saturday fast, Vrat is observed among the Indian and Nepalese communities. People observe the Saturday fast, Vrat is for the auspiciousness and favorability of Lord Saturn, Shani Dev, and Batuka Bhairav. Many observe the Saturday fast, Vrat for the auspiciousness and favorability of the planet Saturn.

Who should observe the Saturday fast, Vrat?

Those natives with inauspiciously or unfavorably placed Saturn in their respective Astrology horoscope birth chart should observe the Saturday fast, Vrat ideally under consultation with a Priest or Astrologer. Those with ailments like joint pain, back pains, etc should also observe the Saturn fast, Vrat.

How to observe the Saturday fast, Vrat?

Shani Dev and-or Batuka Bhairav is worshipped on Saturdays. Saturday fast, Vrat is kept to seek their blessings. If possible, a native should visit Shani Dev, Batika Bhairav or Hanuman temple on Saturdays. Donation of black items in the temple or to the poor or needy is considered good. On the day of Saturday fast, Vrat consumption of one meal is allowed, but the food should be without salt. Milk, water, juice, fruits, etc can be consumed. Examples of some black items for donation are black Dal, black sesame, black clothes, black flowers, etc.

On the day of Saturday fast, Vrat, Vrat Katha, like an ancient story or brief epic, is recited or listened to. Many chant Aarti prayer. Many chant Mantra and Shani Chalisa. Saturday fast, Vrat is a daylong fast from sunrise to sunset.

When is the ideal time or day to start the Saturday fast, Vrat?

The first Saturday fast, Vrat should ideally be started on the first Saturday in the Shukla Paksha moon phase in any month. Shukla Paksha is a rising-waxing moon phase in the fortnight in the lunar month. With the advice of the Priest or Astrologer, Saturday fast, Vrat should be done continuously for 7 weeks, vis-à-vis, 7 continuous Saturdays.

The timing of the Saturday fast, Vrat is from morning to evening, i.e., from dawn to dusk.

What is the connection of Astrology and Saturday fast, Vrat?

Saturn rules two signs – Capricorn and Aquarius, and Houses 10th and 11th. Saturn is exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra. The MahaDahsa of Saturn is for a long period of time, i.e., for 19 years. Many consider the impact or bad influence of Saturn as one the worst among all the planets.

Many natives remain scared about Saturn as if it is something harmful. Terms like Sade-Sati, Dhahiya, MahaDasha of Saturn, AntarDasha of Saturn, etc related to Saturn scare them. Many natives observe the Saturday fast, Vrat to please and appease the Saturn Lord, Shani Dev. Worshipping Shani Dev on Saturdays is one of the remedies provided by Priest or Astrologer to a native, however, remedy depends upon the individuals’ birth chart and status of Saturn in it.

A Mantra for Saturn is—

                                    Om Shanaye Namah

                                    ऊँ शनये नमः

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