About Thursday Fasting, Vrat and its Significance

About Thursday Fasting, Vrat and its Significance

What is the importance of Thursday?

Thursday, the 4th day of the week, is dedicated to the outer planet Jupiter and Lord Brihaspati. Sage Lord Brihaspati, related to the largest planet Jupiter, is regarded as the teacher of the Gods, Guru of Devas. Thursday is called BrihaspatiVaar and GuruVaar in Hindi. In other cultures and belief systems, Thursday is the Greek day of Zeus, in Latin – Thursday is the day of Jupiter, in Norse mythology, Thursday is regarded as the day of the hammer-wielding God Thor.

What is the Thursday fast, Vrat, about?

Typically, observance of Thursday fast, Vrat is found among people from the Indian and Nepalese communities. Thursday fast, Vrat is kept for many reasons. Observing the Thursday fast, Vrat is considered auspicious to have the grace and blessing of Lord Brihaspati.

The planet Jupiter is associated with words or characteristics like education, wisdom, vision, intellectually, knowledge, information, learning, ideals, mastery, inspiration, spirituality, big, large, expansive energy, value, possibilities, prosperity, financial stability, health improvement, etc.   

Who should observe the Thursday fast, Vrat?

Any person with weak or unfavorably placed Jupiter in his-her Astrology horoscope birth chart should observe Thursday fast, Vrat, on consultation with a Priest or Astrologer. A person with a need to enhance the quality and power of Jupiter may also observe the Thursday fast, Vrat. Some devotees of Lord Vishnu also observe the Thursday fast, Vrat. Some natives observe the Thursday fast, Vrat to resolve obstacles in marriage, and also for Jupiter’s favorability and support in above mentioned words or characteristics related to Jupiter.

How to observe the Thursday fast, Vrat?

The Thursday fast, Vrat, begins from sunrise and ends at sunset. Some natives do not wash their hair-head on Thursdays. Some men do not shave. Many refrain from washing clothes on Thursdays. On Thursday fast, Vrat, one meal is allowed in the day; however, the food-eatables should not have salt.

Wearing yellow-colored clothes and-or using yellow-colored items is considered auspicious, as yellow color is associated with Jupiter. Some yellow colored items are like banana, yellow flowers, yellow rice, yellow gram-lentils, yellow-colored sweets like Laddu, Besan ka Halwa; applying of yellow Tilak-mark on the forehead, etc. Donation of some such yellow items in the temple or to the poor is considered sacred. The Thursday fast, Vrat Katha is recited or listened to ritualistically. Some perform the ritual of Aarti prayer chanting in the evening.

When is the ideal time to start the Thursday fast, Vrat?

A native may start the Thursday fast, Vrat, from the first Thursday falling in the Shukla Paksha of any Hindu lunar month. Shukla Paksha is the rising-waxing phase of the moon in the lunar month’s fortnight. The Thursday fast, Vrat should not be broken for continuous 16 Thursdays or in 3 years. The timing of the Thursday fast, Vrat is from morning to evening, i.e., from dawn to dusk.

A Mantra for Lord Brihaspati is—

                                    Om Brim Brhaspataye Namah

                                    ॐ ब्रिम बृहस्पतये नमः

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