All about astrology you might want to know!

All about astrology you might want to know!

What we know about Astrology.

Astrology, an ancient science of accumulating all the observation of one planetary positions and predicts an outcome for it. It nowadays has become a business for many to generate wealth out of that knowledge and that is also a reason why we never intend to trust the process of Astrology at first and Astrologers too.

Let’s understand this, astrology cannot put out any solutions or remedy to you that you will get relieved instantly or something. It is a medium or process you say which needs proper dedication, consistency, and conviction just like meditation.

Tools one need to resolve the troubles out of life through Vedic Astrology: -

  • Proper guidance from Astrologer
  • True conviction
  • Consistency
  • Knowledge of Ancient Astrology

You either believe the medium of astrology or just think it as a fiction and pass it on. No need to follow the process with half empty mind and expect results out of it. There are examples of riches, successful, and diverse mindset of people following Astrology by all means for it to transform their life to make it through any troubles or issues with no obstacles.

What Scientist and Yogic Guru’s think about Astrology?

As Astrology is an ancient sculpted science so many yogis and scientist have a keen interest in its origination and way its branches had spreader. Few scientist even researched on the following learning and turned out they have got a proof for the planetary positions affecting the behavior of human and their abilities at certain situation.

Few research out of which is the full moon day observational day, which comprised of observing people having any slightest of change their behavior while the full moon day or not. It is well said when the tide of moon can afflict form the influence of moon and that too our body is made of 70% of Water, it will for sure experience slight in its behavior.

It was found that especially on full moon day, there is exaggeration of our behavior as an example if someone is feeling depressed then he/she will get more depressed and someone is in good mood then he/she will be enlightened with the same mood to another level. Deflation of such mood swings are the proof of influence of Full Moon.

Yogi’s rather believe in the spiritual process then in planetary position and their affect. As they have their own theories to accumulate their satisfaction and follow on the path of meditation. They say that,

“if you believe that certain outer special bodies can affect your doings and behavior then definitely its going to affect it”.

By all means they have to say that no matter what you believe but if you believe something with full conviction then “Law of attraction” is going to make it possible for you.

“Believe anything or nothing in life but believe with conviction for outcome”

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