Astrological Combinations for the Medical Profession

Astrological Combinations for the Medical Profession

Career has become the biggest concern of the youth today and it is evident that they are pretty committed to getting their dream job at a decently young age thus increasing the level of challenge and competition for everyone around the world. In astrology, especially Vedic Astrology, it is easy for one to predict what sort of professional field one shall choose in order to be successful in their professional front at the time of birth. With a diversified and expanded reach, astrology also gives an insight into the fine details of professional life such as the tenure between switching jobs, the lifespan of a career in a particular field, the post of the native’s profile and so on and so forth.

We live in a world following the pattern of society in every aspect of life. Introspecting our own dreams and goals and following is peculiarly hard for many. To acknowledge such possibilities at the early stage of life, astrology eases it up to a greater extent to decide according to your planetary position and favorable conditions according to your horoscope.

Keeping the lead at the start only in this world of challenges makes it more content and satisfactory for one to grow through the process. Astrological combination plays a vital role to identify the type of profile and profession. Each ascendant and planetary position has its own significance for the personality of a particular native to fit in for particular profile.


How Astrological combinations enhances Medical Profession-


  • Mars and Saturn and their placement majorly represent success in the medical field.
  • Mars also plays a decent role in choosing Medical fields as a career.
  • On the off chance that Mars has its aspect in the Fifth House (Intelligence and Study) or the Tenth House (Career or Profession) then Medical profile such as Doctor and Surgeon are most likely to be perceived as a profession by the person.
  • Sun and Jupiter are the planets that play a crucial role for those who want to pursue a medical-related profession as their career.
  • Jupiter is considered as the greatest teacher and the source of wisdom.
  • If Jupiter has its influence in the Fifth House (Intelligence and Education or Study) and the Tenth House (Career or Profession) then the native may choose a career in the medical field.
  • If the person has Scorpio, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn or Aquarius Ascendant, then choosing a medical profession will be extremely in the favor of the person. 
  • These natives will also have a strong inclination towards the medical field since the initial days more than any other career options.


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