Astrological remedies for conflicts or disputes between husband and wife

Astrological remedies for conflicts or disputes between husband and wife

The relationship between husband and wife is very sacred and unbreakable. It is also a relationship where there is a lot of scope of dispute and quarrel. Men and women are individuals with a different state of mind and perceptions, and it is from there that problems occur in the married life of a couple. A marriage seeks problems when either the husband, or the wife, or both are not able to live the relationship to the fullest.

The husband-wife is like two wheels of a cart which are used to take both of it. Dispute solution vehicle ahead. Sometimes the spouse gets split and because of this distance starts increasing between husband and wife.

  • Existing conflicts between the two partners require chanting the Trayashari Mahamrityunjaya Mantra in search of enlightenment. Chant mantra on the first Monday of Shukla Paksha, for 21 days.

                                                              "ऊँहौंजूंस: अथवाऊँजूंस:

                                                                    ऊँनम: शिवाय”!

  • In order to get over relationship issues that are the primary cause of disputes, you can chant Om Mahayakshini Mantra, during the night of Diwali or during an eclipse.


                                     “Om mahayakshini mam pati vashmanaya kuru kuru swaha”

  • In astrology, the color of the bedroom plays an important role. Ensure that your bedroom comprises of light colors. Stay away from bright and dark colors to reduce disputes.
  • Keep your head on the south or east direction while sleeping and refrain from placing an image of God in your bedroom.
  • Buy flowers like rose only on Friday.
  • The bed used should be from the paternal side. You can tie pink threads on its four stands to reduce friction.
  • A good husband wife dispute solution is to purchase and wear light fragrance on Friday. Both the partners have to follow it.
  • Friday is considered to be a sacred day in astrology. You can purchase new garments or start working on your relationship from this day.
  • Refrain from eating anything sour on Friday. Instead, offer white sweets to the Goddesses and consume it as Prasad.

If you began your conjugal life recently, then wear diamond rings. However, if conflicts still keep on rising, then leave them. Instead, get a gold ring for the wife, while the husband sports a silver ring.

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