Astrological Remedies for writing skills

Astrological Remedies for writing skills

The writer is an intellectual who will play a vital role in shaping and reforming society. A writer could be a one that understands all aspects of life as a result of he is aware of what's life, therefore the literature that he contributes to the society will teach us that a way to live a decent and flourishing life. He understands the mentality of individuals, their sorrow, sadness, happiness, pleasure, excitement, passion, conflicts, emotions, feelings as a result of he has powerful imagination, along with his fertile imagination he will visualize a scenario which might arise from an action or think of someone, he may be therefore convincing in his writing skills that his writings not solely will bring revolutionary changes within the minds of individuals however conjointly within the society as a full.

 Care, feeling and the daring duality of such reason make us one in all those people that work for themselves and don’t belong to any vary of thoughts that may be migrated from any conjecture. Exhausting is that the association sort between ink and paper that makes a writer additional into what he very is. 

Vedic astrology, It magnifies the parameter of succeeding strength in thought method and autonomous planetary movements relate to one's condition of capability in writing. We have a tendency to are born with specific planetary revolving in a very specific direction and it makes our individuality totally different from everybody else.

“Don’t search the words that you've got to put in writing, feel the emotions that you just wish to describe”

Planets representing for writing skills:-

 Moon- represents intuition, imagination, and mental image.

 Mercury- represents intellect, reasoning, and writing skills

 Jupiter- represents exceptionally smart writing skills and reserve motivation.

 Saturn- represents deep thinking and analysis

 Venus- represents style, sophistication, and ability.

 • In the horoscope, the key planet and specific planetary influence the writing ability. The planets Moon and Mercury provide comedy, fiction, poetry, drama. Saturn offers demoralized and analytical writing.

• Venus ensures the creative, romantic, fashion connected writing. Jupiter and Mars offer logical and versatile writing skills.

• Apart from the above planets, the houses concerned or connected with the writing skills are lagan, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, and 10.

 • The third home is the house of writing, communication, and social activities and by virtue of that makes communication important.

• The second house is the house of education and therefore the blessing of deity Saraswati.

• The fourth house is the house of the thinking line.

• The fifth house indicates intelligence.

• The ninth house is the house of upper education and destiny.

• The tenth house is the house of fate once joined with the above house indicates the name and fame through education.

• Lagna is that the base of the horoscope and Sun, Venus (strong) ensures the recognition within the society.

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