Astrology Help for Wealth Even With No Background or Poor Education

Astrology Help for Wealth Even With No Background or Poor Education

Every person aspires to become well off or rich. It is for a better and secure life. Everyone wants to make money. But the status or circumstance of wealth is not the same in every Kundli, natal birth chart. But it can be corrected. One can become rich. A person has to find the hidden Yog, conditions in his-her Kundli to become wealthy. One can become wealthy even with less education or a weak background. Find out how in such situations one can become rich.

Many natives face problems, challenges, difficulties, etc even from childhood or early age. For each of us, life’s financial position is different. However, as per the belief of Indian Astrology, among many aspects, two relationships can change the financial status for the positive over time. One is the relationship with Mama, i.e., your mother’s brother. The time of the start of effect-positive change can be delayed, but when it starts, it multiplies wealth status. 

Relationship with Mama-Uncle needs to be nice, healthy and cordial. The financial, personal, happiness, etc standing of the Uncle does not matter, just that you both should have a good bonding, connection, good rapport, behavior, supportive, helping nature with each other. This healthy relationship favors high wealth prosperity in the future

However, if the relationship with Uncle is not good, even if you have the qualities and abilities, you can have a bad status or even fall moneywise. It is important to have a belief-hope that even if you are not educated enough or have no job, and with a lot of suffering, etc, things will change for the better for you in the future and that you will become enriched, wealthy, honored-respected and so forth.

One has to maintain such above relationships and keep them good, so no planets become furious or unfavorable. If the planets remain calm and favorable, then over time matters become fine, and that the native becomes capable of having all comforts in life, such as home happiness, vehicle, money-wealth, etc. 

Many natives are illiterate or were unable to pursue or complete studies-education etc for any reasons like financial, family, mind, etc. But it is found that even many such natives do well or become extremely wealthy in their lives. 

According to an Astrological aspect, that irrespective of a person’s educational level, even if he-she is grade 10th fail to having done PhD etc, if there are benefic planets in Kundli-chart Houses 9th, 10th, 2nd, 4th, then there is no relation of luck with education, and the person basis his-her hard work, practice, own capacity, capability, etc, gets into work so deeply that he-she is seen to bring far better results than even the highly educated ones. In a sense, one can say that fortune or God is in favor and kind with him-her. This Yog, the condition can be developed in anyone’s Kundli.

To mention a popular example: An Indian businessman Mr. Savji Dholakia, born 1962, from a farmer’s family, who dropped out of school at a tender age of 13, gifted around 400 homes and 1,260 cars to the employees in his company on Diwali 2016 as a bonus, at age 54. In his adolescence, he had joined his Uncle for work. 

Even if one does not have the favorable planets in the Houses 9th, 10th, 2nd, and the 4th, these can be awakened, calmed, made neutral or constructive. There are certain astrological remedies for this.  

In Astrology, House 2nd is the House of Wealth. Jupiter also plays an important role. As each Kundli is unique, it is best to consult a renowned Astrologer. There are multiple aspects, so study, interpretation, and thereby remedies are different for each case.

A Mantra for Jupiter, Guru or Brahaspati is—
Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Guruvay Namah                   
ऊँ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं सः गुरुवे नमः

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