How astrology improves health and fitness?

How astrology improves health and fitness?

The history of medicine is as old as the study of astrology itself. In fact, the development of Western medicine, from the Greeks onward, has intrinsically relied on astrological insights for understanding the body in all its complexity. While advances in modern medicine have come a long way, there is still much to be learned about general health and wellness through an astrological chart. Understanding how your chart reflects your potential state of health can be both useful and pre-emptive.

Simple astrological knowledge, coupled with time-tested natural approaches to healing such as those found within Ayurveda, can be effective. Try using what you know of your chart to build a picture of your unique constitution. Then, find out more through learning what Ayurveda can teach you about living a long and healthy life.

There is one ancient system of health in use today that still relies upon astrological principles for diagnosis and treatment. Ayurveda, the science of wellness developed in India, incorporates astrology as a fundamental tool for maintaining good health. You can combine Ayurvedic and astrological insights to discover practical tips that will help you stay healthy.

Significant ways to observe and rectify health and fitness through Astrology-

  • Timing of disease -  Your birth chart can reveal when you are more susceptible to disease. Through your chart, you can learn the best time to undertake a detox or exercise regime. You can also identify when you may be more vulnerable and can benefit from preventive measures such as flu shots or extra immune support.
  • A diagnostic tool - One of the most accurate uses of astrology comes from pinpointing underlying causes of disease based upon planetary positions. A medical astrologer has at their fingertips a quick and reliable diagnostic tool that can help you understand the root, and possible remedy, for a huge number of common complaints.
  • Duration of illness - When the planetary triggers that coincide with the onset of the disease are understood, the medical astrologer can gain a good sense of its duration. This can be especially beneficial for chronic conditions, or when working to clear the body of underlying infections or weaknesses that will take time to heal. 
  • Treatment protocol - In terms of medical astrology, the jewel in the crown, its ability to recognize individual temperament and therefore decide on a treatment protocol that is optimal for the person involved. This differs vastly from the allopathic model, which tends to treat disease as a uniform condition that is typically alleviated through pharmacological or surgical intervention.

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