The Basic Link between Destiny, Karma and Astrology

The Basic Link between Destiny, Karma and Astrology

What is destiny?

Destiny is something like a future event, incident or happening that definitely or ultimately happens in the life of a native, region, people, etc. Destiny is the end result or reward. Sometimes reaching destiny is controllable and sometimes uncontrollable. Destiny can be positive, negative or neutral. Many regard destiny as their predetermined luck, fate, fortune or something that will definitely and eventually happen, whether good or bad, irrespective of efforts. Many regard destiny to be quite out of their control or reach.

What are some of the examples of destiny?

To cite some examples of destiny:

It was the child’s destiny to become a renowned Doctor. It was in the couple’s destiny to have a healthy child. The professional was unable to control the destiny of his-her career. A country is destined to become one of the most powerful countries in the world. The world is destined to have the end of oil reserves over the coming decades. It was in a person’s destiny to acquire the ancestral property. It was in the destiny of the parents to get true love and care of their children. The couple was destined to get married.

What is Karma?

The Sanskrit word Karma comes from the Indian ancient Vedic times, and old scriptures. Karma relates to a person’s good works, deeds, actions, etc. The Sanskrit word Karman means “act”. Karma is intertwined with aspects like nobleness, righteousness, justice, balanced mental thought process, etc.

There are good Karmas and there are bad Karmas. Many regard Karma as the end result, consequence or reward for the action, deed, etc of a person. For example, good Karmas lead to a good destiny. Karma is also connected with morals and a good belief system.

Examples of good Karmas are like being balanced, helping others, upholding family values, serving the country, serving parents, providing employment-jobs, making a donation for the education-food of a child, social service, conserving nature, etc. Doing good Karma is a good way of leading or living a life.

Examples of bad Karmas are like hurting others, betraying, unjustly favoring, insulting, murdering, being impartial, discrimination-differentiation, corruption, cheating, deceit, causing fight, emotional or physical exploitation, misusing power, etc.

What is Astrology?

Astrology is an ancient science that studies the movement of celestial bodies and astrological aspects and relates it to the happenings, events to any native and human affairs on Earth. Astrology started from time immemorial, thousands of years ago. In ancient times, Astrology was also perhaps used for timekeeping, birth or event records, prediction, etc. Many leaders like Kings, warriors, etc used Astrology for strategy, course of action, for example as traces found in the epic of Mahabharata.

How are destiny, Karma, and Astrology connected?

An Astrology horoscope natal birth chart of any native is like a roadmap of his-her life. It includes the likely happenings or events occurring in his-her life. It can be related to any life aspect like health, education, career, job, business, marriage, love, relationships, childbirth, children, growth, prosperity, wealth, parents, and so forth.

Certain birth chart planets’ placement-positioning in certain Houses are auspicious and some are inauspicious. The status can change at any given time or period in a native’s life. Each birth chart is unique and specific as each Earth’s inhabitant has his-her exclusive date-time-place of birth.

A native may leverage Astrology, for example through his-her birth chart interpretation, to have key information, basis which to have some control over his-her Karma and destiny. For example, if the planets in a birth chart are indicating a health disease, loss in work, death due to any reason such as accident, etc, then a person can be cautious about it, the person can take some corrective measures, and-or perform some remedies.

Astrology can help a person perform good Karma; and as above, good Karmas lead to likely good destiny. Good Karma and Astrology can support good destiny and in the making of an accomplished life.

A Mantra for Lord Ganesha, for wisdom and success, is—

                        Om Gam Ganapataye Namah

                        ॐ गंगणपतये नम:

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