Benefits of fasting on Monday

Benefits of fasting on Monday

Monday fast (Somvar vrat), it is meant to praise the Divine Lord Shiva. Unmarried women are likely to fast during this phase to get a good life partner. This fast begins with sunrise and ends with sunset. In the morning, bathe the 'shiva-linga' with Gangajal, milk or curd, and offer white flowers and seasonal fruits. Many people praise to divine Lord Shiva as it is meant by mythology, it’s easy to please Lord Shiva. Many perceive and observe this day to attain prosperity in their life. Lord Shiva becomes pleased with the observance of Somavar Vrat or Monday fasting and shall bestow the following blessings.

  • Helpful to attain wisdom.
  • Redeems the effect of the bad placed moon (durdasa or durbukhti).
  • It maximizes the accomplishment of rightful desires.
  • Women gets blessed with good partners
  • Attains the blessings of the Moon.
  • It provides the strength of Moon in the Vedic birth chart.
  • Decrease the effects of Moon for people with Bad positioning of planets according to their Zodiac signs. 

Benefits of 16 Mondays fasting (Somvaar vrat):-

Similar to Monday fast, 16 Mondays fast is consistent fasting for 16 Mondays every week. The best time preferable to start is Shukla paksha (Bright period of Moon) in the month of Shravan (July – Aug). It is meant as the auspicious period of the year. Shiva drank the poison which came out of Samudra Manthan. Fasting with the purity of heart with cleanliness around and taking a bath before starting the fast. Cleaning the idol of Lord Shiva develops certain positivity inside and soul renders to the energy coming from Moon.

Another reason behind the Monday fast or somvar vrat is to get rid of diseases and other health problems. Reciting the mantra “Mahamrityunjaya Mantra" around 108 times. The Mahamrityunjaya mantra also known as the Trayambakam Mantra or Rudra Mantra which is a verse of Rig-Veda which is as follows-

                                “Om triyambakam yajamahe 
                                 Sugandhim pushti vardhanam 
                                 Urva rukmiva bandhanan 
                                 Mrityura mokshiya mamratat”

  • Blessing to the unmarried women with good life partner.
  • The purity of the heart attracts positivity in making decisions in a career.
  • Retaining with mental peace and exuberant nature of work.
  • Develop strength against negativity with Moon penetrating energy within ourselves.
  • Helps in decision making of certain valuable choices of career.
  • To get rid of several diseases and other health problems

                               ‘Om Namah Shivaya’

                                 ‘ नमः शिवाय'



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