Wednesday Fasting, this day is dedicated to the planet Mercury (Budh Dev). This day is meant to praise and please the lord of wisdom and knowledge Lord Krishna. On this day Budhwar Vrat, Lord Vishnu is also worshipped along with Lord Krishna. During Wednesday fast, people offer prayers to Buddha. Mercury (Budh) is fond of green color. Moong dal(green gram), green vegetables and green grapes are often meant to be offering to the Lord. The fast is generally begun on the First Wednesday at the start of the waxing phase of Moon (Shukla paksha) and is continued for 21 successive 21 Wednesdays further. In some regions people do worship Lord Ganesha, the Lord of wisdom and knowledge and Lord Vishnu. There are 1000 names of Lord Vishnu; out of which many are chanted while this fast (vrat) devotees spend the whole day enchanting the mantra of Lord Vishnu (Vishnu Sahasranamam)for their blessing. Lord Shiva is also pleased while this day in many places while observing this vrat.

(Preferred color- Green)

  • Good day to start a new venture or any new startup (business).
  • Helpful for those who are seeking Educational progression or activities.
  • It helps to maintain harmony within the family and closed ones.
  • Couples are advised to observe this day as vrat to obtain blissful married life.
  • Advised for those who have a weaker Budh in their Kundli.
  • Important aspects of life like wisdom, voice, and business pertain through this phase.
  • The abundance of such aspects is ensured by observing this vrat.


                  ‘Om bram breem broum sah Budhaya namah’

                              ‘Om bum budhaaya namah’

Lord Ganesh symbolizes knowledge, wisdom and wealth is pleased during this day to attain the strength to diminish the hurdle against career, relationship, and knowledge. Very significant for those who are having a weak mind to handle any situation.

  •  Prayers to shall help to neutralize any negative effect of Mercury
  •  Enhances Intelligence and prosperity in any individual observing the vrat (fast) with good intentions.
  •  Removes any hurdle or issue arising in terms of Education.
  •  Diminishes the effect of badly placed Mercury in their Vedic birth chart.
  •  Blessed with the prosperity in good family and fortune.
  •  It helps to attain goals in education and career.
  •  Cleanses your system during this phase and improves the metabolism rate in accordance.


“Om Budhaaye Namah”

  ॐ बुढ़ाये नमः

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