What are the benefits of Sunday fasting?

What are the benefits of Sunday fasting?

Sunday fast is meant to propitiate the God of Sun. Sun governed by Lord Vishnu, lords of principle deities in Hinduism and the Supreme Being. It is meant that praising sun (Lord Vishnu) by fasting on Sunday; it activates the energy and surrounds us from positivity. Sun is in the middle of the solar system which makes it the most powerful amongst all the planets. It is very important to praise the Sun god to perceive its blessings in abundance.

  • It is said by the sayings of mythology that fasting on Sunday help you to release yourself from every sin’s committed
  • Sunday fasting is also meant to regulate good health and prosperity in life.
  • Diseases and various ailments shall be cured by fasting on Sunday and it also helps to narrow in the intellect and sharpen it in a proper way.
  • Beliefs are people consistently fasting on Sundays throughout their life will enter Surya lok after death.

Benefits of fasting for people with weak Sunday (surya).

Being the Supreme power among all the planets, it has a vital effect on the Vedic birth chart. Sun symbolizes fame, fortune, skin, career, family, etc. People whose zodiac is governed by Sun and it is affected by solar energy. Following are the solution to attract positivity, take advantage of it and redeem the impact of it:-

  • Fasting on Sundays is the most important.
  • Starting off with the First Sunday of the waxing phase (Shukla paksha) of Ashwin month.
  • Early Sunday morning, one should govern water in the direction of the sunrise.
  • One cannot eat before sunset to attain an abundance of content and remove any hurdle caused.
  • One should chant the mantra of Lord Vishnu to strengthen energy and circulate happiness.

                                     l ॐ सूर्याय नमः।

                               l  Om Suryaya Namah

A benefic Sun attracts charisma, fame, and fortune just as a moth is drawn to a flame. Here are some suggestions to take advantage of Sunday's soul and solar power. Wear jewelry with gold, red ruby, garnet, carnelian, citrine, Tiger's Eye, amber, quartz crystal, and red agate. Dress in hues of gold, yellow, orange, white and sunrise pinks. Contact your father or father figure Do the Salute to the Sun yoga series facing east. Fast half a day to subdue skin, eye, bone and head problems. Suck on a piece of gold dipped in honey for a few minutes. Visit your chosen sacred space or create one at home. See palaces, royals and regal architecture Light a flame for your teachers, male ancestors, and inner light. Then practice yogic flame gazing (trataka). Entertain family or friends Resolve disputes Boost your ambition and self-esteem by setting an attainable goal

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