Benefits of Wearing Moonga (Red Coral) Ratan

Benefits of Wearing Moonga (Red Coral) Ratan

What is the impact of Wearing Moonga (Red Coral)?

The Moonga (Red Coral) gemstone is directly associated with the mars planet which represents the courage and determination. The Moonga (Red Coral) gemstone is formed from the residues of the coral polyps symbolizes the god of war, Mars.

Moonga (Red Coral) have very flashy colours in it which gives vital energy to its wearer. Most of the astrologers suggest the Moonga (Red Coral) gemstone the couples whom are facing issues their marriage, as the Moonga (Red Coral) fill the life with full of desire for love and faith in each other.  So if you are feeling like something is not good happening in your life then definitely you have to wear the Moonga (Red Coral), to enrich your relationship.

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What is the Impact on Health of Wearing Moonga (Red Coral)?

The major effect of wearing a Moonga (Red Coral) is it cures the blood related problems, even those which are inherited in our body since birth. It also helps in like the person having blood pressure related issues. Also the Moonga (Red Coral) is help full in improves the pancreas function which vanishes all the problems related to your stomach.  Having Moonga (Red Coral) water with ‘kewda’ is very healthy for pregnant women. Also wearing Moonga (Red Coral) is real beneficial for all the pregnant ladies as it reduces the chances of miscarriages.

The Moonga (Red Coral) stone is not only helps you in few cases but it save you from lot of diseases and illness. Like cough from very long time and piles problems. Doing some exercise on daily basis can do enhance the impact of Moonga (Red Coral) on our health.

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What is the Effect on Finance of Wearing Moonga (Red Coral)?

Wearing of the Moonga (Red Coral) gemstone is very important for the person who is stuck in financial crises or in huge debt. The same way Moonga (Red Coral) gemstone is helpful in making you take right decisions at the right time to ensure your success in your every initiative you take. And give you experience of life for betterment of your professional life.

What is the Effect on Relationships of Wearing Moonga(Red Coral)?

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The astrological planets are the major path decider in our life aspects. Like our relationships, family   bonding and future of our relationships.  We must also consider Moonga (Red Coral) wearing because as we know that the Moonga(Red Coral) is directly associated to the mars and which represents the mars and desires dedication and determination. All the three things are major important things in terms of creating and sustaining a relationship for a long period of time. Hence there is need of the considering mars is there to maintain our relationships.

Due to the bad positions of planets the relations major affects and since the ancients the gemstones are being used to reduce the effects of negative impact of planets.  As the Mars is the ‘Kark’ in some of the horoscope, so it affects some of the work or holistic functions like ‘Poojas’ and marriages. But with wearing of Moonga (Red Coral) these types of ‘Dosh’ could be removed from the horoscopes.

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