Can astrology predicts different outcomes for same birth charts?

Can astrology predicts different outcomes for same birth charts?

Untold truth about twin’s prediction


We often listen to the fact that one of the twin’s is on different heights of life and the other one just surviving. Do you ever wonder why that is even after they have same birth place, birth time. There are many theories out there but evidence still hard to accumulate the fact.

Vedic Astrology defies all the odds and defines it with scientific and ancient proof. When two child are born with a difference of few minutes difference then the prediction is done like.

If suppose one is born on 11:53 PM and the other one on 11:51 PM then the early one is considered as younger and the late coming one is considered as elder one.

To predict and to accumulate the zodiac sign the elder’s one ascendant is recommended to be kept in 3rd house and consequently the younger one is supposed for its ascendant in 11th house or 7th house.


Similar Birth Chart but differs in Destiny

As explained the process of accumulating the particular zodiac sign for elder and younger of the twin’s. There are many factors which are responsible for the difference of the natal outcomes of Twin’s, amongst lot are few methods:-

1. Varga Chart: - According to Varga Chart, the elder one is observed within the chart system and it is seen that after the dashamsha, certainty of different destinies can be witnessed.

2. Keeping Ascendant in 3rd house.

3. Hasth rekha: - It is also a kind of technique which is being used to observe the destiny and predict the outcome. It says according to the palm reading process.

4. Garv Kundali

5. Karma: - Rest depends on the fate, well! One might predict the future but still the destiny lies in the hands of karmic dissolution. What goes ahead comes around. 

These are the methods which defines the differences in their future outcomes and liabilities in life.

 Even, there are things called divisional charts that distinguish between patterns of life of twins. When people disprove astrology on the basis of predictions about twins, it can be said that twin’s life patterns are already distinguished by the divisional charts.


Can planets make a difference!

Positions of planets are observed by the side real method (against the fixed stars) in Vedic astrology vs. tropical method (alongside vernal equinox of the Surya, Sun) which is used in Western astrology. The sidereal method gives way accurate positions of planets, while the other method doesn't.

Planets can influence your life too: - personality, family, learning, wedding, profession, and other feature of your life. There are numerous ways in a horoscope in which a planet have an effect on another planet: Planet meeting in a different planet's sign, combination (planets in similar sign & house), and characteristic (planets appears at other planets) in the main birth chart as well as divisional charts.

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