Cheti Chand, Jhulelal Jayanti, Sindhi New Year, 7 April 2019

Cheti Chand, Jhulelal Jayanti, Sindhi New Year, 7 April 2019

Jhulelal Jayanti is an Indian peninsula holy birthday observance of revered deity Ishta Deva. Jhulelal Jayanti is observed in fervor among the Hindu Sindhi community. In fact, Jhulelal Jayanti is regarded as the most significant event among the Sindhi Hindus. Jhulelal Jayanti is the birth anniversary of deity Ishta Deva, called Jhulelal. Ishta Deva is regarded as the most revered patron Saints, a man of miracles, among the Sindhi Hindus. Ishta Deva is also called the Water God, Varun Devta or Sai Uderalal. The accurate year of the birth of Jhulelal is unknown but the birth is said to be in the 10th century.

When is Jhulelal Jayanti, Cheti Chand celebrated? The date of Jhulelal Jayanti is determined according to the Hindu calendar. Jhulelal Jayanti falls on the 2nd day in the Hindu calendar month of Chaitra, in the Shukla Paksha. Shukla Paksha is the rising-waxing phase of the moon. Jhulelal Jayanti is also referred as Cheti Chand. Chet is the 1st Sindhi Hindu month that refers to Chaitra. Chand means the moon. Cheti Chand is the appearance or when the moon becomes visible after the no moon, and that marks the Sindhi New Year.

The Hindu Calendar New Year: Cheti Chand, Jhulelal Jayanti also marks the Sindhi Hindu New Year. This always corresponds to and falls in the Gregorian March end or beginning April period, and related to the spring season. The spring season in the Indian peninsula is regarded as the best season of all. This time is also the New Year in Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh called Ugadi. In Maharashtra and Goa, the New Year is called Gudi Padwa. The observance of Bighu also marks the New Year in Jharkhand.

On the occasion of Cheti Chand, Jhulelal Jayanti, many natives prepare special food items like Sindhi Kadhi, Dal Pakwaan etc. They lite Jyot, oil lamps; and in some parts a fair, Mela is organized. Some dance and celebrate in the spirit.

We wish all natives Cheti Chand, New Year, and commemorate Jhulelal Jayanti. Jai Jhulelal Ji.

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