Dadu Dayal Jayanti, 1 March 2019

Dadu Dayal Jayanti, 1 March 2019

Dadu Dayal Jayanti marks the birth anniversary of the famous Saint, Poet, Reformer and society integrator Dadu Dayal. Dadu means respected brother, sometimes also elder brother. According to some, Dadu Dayal Ji was found floating, as a child, in the river Sabarmati by a Brahmin Lodhi Ram, near Ahmedabad, therefore, there is no confirmed authentic information about the birth and birthplace.

Dadu Dayal was said to be born on a Thursday, in the Hindu month of Falgun in 1544, and mostly believed by scholars to be born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The Hindu calendar month Falgun relates to the Gregorian period 20th of February to the 21st of March. The date of Dadu Dayal Jayanti can vary every year. In 2019, Dadu Dayal Jayanti is being observed on the 1st of March, Friday.

Dadu Dayal is believed to have composed more than 5,000 songs. These songs are mostly spiritual, humanistic, life learning-teachings, noble words etc. The songs were also a medium of spreading his preaching and teachings, and about good and ideal life and living. Dadu Dayal Ji knew every detail about the Purana, and was a Master at it. He took Samadhi in 1603 at Naraina, which is about 75 km from Jaipur. Though born in Gujarat, he moved to Rajasthan as he grew up, but he also traveled to other Indian states such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal.

Dadu Dayal Ji spent his entire life in the upliftment of the society. He was known to be a very kind person. He did not believe in idol worship. He guided people on the right path of life. Dadu Dayal Ji was also associated with Kabir and Guru Nanak and their beliefs, such as equal rights, were against caste system, religious views etc.

We commemorate and great all natives on the occasion of Dadu Dayal Jayanti.

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