A Decision Made Without Truth, Can Result in a Lifetime Repentance

A Decision Made Without Truth, Can Result in a Lifetime Repentance

According to an ancient Indian legend story, there was a King in some town, and that King had a beloved servant. The servant used to remain engaged in serving the King all the time. The King also used to take care of the happiness of the servant. One day the servant said to the King that he wanted to leave for a few days; the servant wanted to go to his village to meet his parents.


The King gave him a lot of wealth and food-grain, and also gave him leave. The servant reached his parents’ house with wealth and food-grain. He served and took care of his parents for a few days, got all the household requirements and kept these items, and then left the house to reach the Palace of the King. On the way, he saw an immortal fruit tree.


This tree was at a high mountain. He thought that if he gave this fruit to the King, then the King would remain young forever, and due to which the kingdom people will always keep getting the benefit. Thinking this he climbed the mountain and with great difficulty broke one fruit. Due to climbing the tree, he got very tired, and it got late at night. The servant thought to take rest there only at night, and that in the morning he would be present to serve the King.


When the servant was sleeping in the night, then a snake came there and put its poison on the immortal fruit, and then went away from there. The servant was asleep, he did not come to know at all that a snake had come there. He picked the fruit, and went and gave it to the King. The King got the fruit cut and gave a few pieces to the dogs to eat. As the dog ate the fruit, the dog died painfully, agonizingly.

The King got angry by seeing at this site, and immediately picked his sword and separated the servant’s neck from the torso, main body. The remaining pieces of the fruit the King threw away in the garden. After a few days, a tree grew from the seeds of the fruit in that place. When the tree became big, fruits started to bloom. The King had told everyone not to eat the fruits of this tree because this fruit was poisonous.

One day an old person was resting under that tree. The old person unknowingly ate one of the fruits of that tree. On eating the fruit, the person became young. When the King came to know about this matter-incident, he felt and realized his mistake. He without knowing the whole matter got death to an innocent. That is why, till the time we do not get to know the whole matter, till that time we must not consider the person as guilty. Coming in anger, without knowing the whole matter, the King gave the death punishment. Later, he had no other way out but to regret and repent. If one wants to know what the truth and what is false is in life, then first it should be tested, and then only make a decision, otherwise, you can also become a victim of this dilemma.

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