What is the difference between Astronomy and Astrology?

What is the difference between Astronomy and Astrology?

To seek the connection that co-exists between astrology and astronomy lies in the way of their origination. Astronomy originated in the ancient world when people began to notice that heavenly bodies moved in a specific, consistent motion. The more people understood the movement of the heavenly bodies, the easier it was for people to keep track of time. Astrology also had its birth in ancient times. People began to study the universe much more intensely as time progressed. In doing so people began to claim that the movement and position of the planets, predicted events on earth, and events in people’s lives. Therefore, although astronomy and astrology are very different now, they both began in ancient times.

Another similarity that exists between astrology and astronomy is that they both involve the study of the universe. However, both fields of study are very different by definition. Astrology is defined as “the theory that the planets, the sun, and the moon, as well as the 12 zodiac signs,  combine in various ever-changing configurations with respect to each other and the local horizon to influence sub lunar events.” Therefore, in ancient times it was believed that the configurations of planets in the universe had an impact of the lives of humans on earth. Astronomy is defined as “the study of the universe and the celestial bodies, gas, and dust within it. Astronomy includes observations and theories about the solar system, the stars, the galaxies, and the general structure of space.” Therefore, although both astronomy and astrology are concerned with the study of the universe, they are very different in the way in which they study the universe.

Astronomers are concerned with the universe; with the universe being the “totality of all time, space, matter, and energy” whereas, astrologers make predictions about people’s personal lives based on the positions on the planets and stars. Overall astrology does not prove its findings, and astronomy does.

How Astrology and Astronomy are co-related with human events?

Everything that happens in space has a direct correlation to human events just the positions of the Planets, Moon & maybe some Asteroids in relation to the Earth or Sun precession is only relevant for tropical Astrology, not Sidereal Astrology and certainly not a problem for systems that don't use Zodiacs. "So one of the things that Astronomy doesn't agree with Astrology" Astronomy & Astrology are not people they aren't singular & they don't have views or opinions, unlike Astronomers & Astrologers.

“Even the universe can be a fictitious story according to our spectacular mind, faith is the key to make it a belief that it exists within

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