Do you have the Pitra Dosha in Your Birth Chart?

Do you have the Pitra Dosha in Your Birth Chart?

Pitra Dosha also called Paitrik and Pithru Dosha is one of the many Astrology Doshas. The Sanskrit word Pitra means and refers to father, grandfather, forefathers, paternal ancestors, the deceased. The Sanskrit word Dosha means blame, crime, disorder etc. In Astrology, Dosha is a condition that is unfavorable, inauspicious, that is responsible for obstacles, struggles etc in different matters in life. In Ayurveda, Dosha meaning is entirely different and relates to energies there.

Pitra Dosha often relates to the bad deeds, wrongdoings, sins, crimes, bad Karma etc done by the paternal ancestors, often for whom the current generation living native, son-daughter or even grandson or granddaughter etc have to suffer or pay for. The deceased ancestors’ souls are believed to be disturbed or at unrest. They may not have attained liberation-Moksha.

Pitra Dosha is one of the worst or one of the most serious of all the Doshas. Pitra Dosha is like taking forward the past bad debt of the deceased forefathers to the current living on-going generation native and borne by this generation native. Many natives are said to have this Pitra Dosha.

There are different levels or strengths of Pitra Dosha. Generally, as an example, a Pitra Dosha is formed that involves a particular positioning, especially the status of Saturn and Ketu together in the birth chart in a time. Saturn is enemies with the Sun and the Earth’s moon. Ketu is also enemies-opponents with the Sun and the moon. The Sun relates to the father and the moon relates to mother. Therefore, if these, the Sun, moon, Rahu and Saturn are inauspiciously placed in the same or ill-fated House in the birth chart, then it forms a type of Pitra Dosha. In a thought of Astrology, Pitra Dosha is also formed when Rahu and Ketu are inauspiciously placed in the Houses 6th, 8th, or the 12th. The malefic condition or union of these also stop the auspiciousness or positive results of the other benefic planets.

The types of problems created under the influence of Pitra Dosha are like disharmony at home, accidents, delay in marriage, delay in childbirth, miscarriages, related to children, children’s mental-physical imbalance, financial debts, lack of wealth, fearful dreams, mental stress, certain diseases, delay in employment even on having the educational qualifications, joblessness etc.

The remedies for different levels or types of Pitra Dosha may vary. Some of the general doable remedies for Pitra Dosha are like:

Worshipping of God, being spiritual

Donating food to the needy, poor or hungry

Getting involved in some sort of social work, especially for the old

Performing the Kanya Bhoj ritual, giving food to young girls

Shradh rituals should be performed, often in no moon night, Amavasya

Donating funds, performing charities for the underprivileged

Visiting holy places


One of the popular Mantras for Lord Vishnu, also used in Pitra Dosha Nirvaran is -

                                    Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

                                    ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय

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