The Value in Dwijapriya Sankashti Chaturthi, 22 February 2019

The Value in Dwijapriya Sankashti Chaturthi, 22 February 2019

Dwijapriya Sankashti Chaturthi is a holy annual event. The Sanskrit word ‘Dwija’ means born twice. Priya means lovingly or beloved. Sankashti means the auspicious day, Tithi, in dedication to Lord Ganesha. The day of Sankashti Chaturthi comes once in every Hindu month according to the lunar cycle. Sankashti Chaturthi falls on the 4th day of the Krishna Paksha, every month. Krishna Paksha is the waning-decrease phase of the moon; that comes after the full moon. The Sanskrit word-number Catur means 4.

Dwijapriya Sankashti Chaturthi is the name of the Sankashti Chaturthi that falls in the Hindu calendar month of Magh. Every month on Sankashti Chaturthi, Lord Ganesha is worshiped by different names. Dwijapriya Sankashti Chaturthi, Tithi, the date can vary every Gregorian year. It is falling on the 22nd of February in 2019.

The elephant head God, Lord Ganesha aka Lord Ganpati, is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Lord Kartikeya, the God of War, is the brother of Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is one of the most worshiped Gods in the world and holds high significance. He is also popular in religions Jainism and Buddhism. Besides India and Nepal, Lord Ganesha is also popular in other countries particularly like Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia etc. Worship to Lord Ganesha brings overall wellbeing, wisdom, intellect, financial gain, removal of obstacles etc.

Wednesdays of the week are generally devoted to Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is also known as the God of Beginnings. Remembering and offering prayer to Lord Ganesha on Wednesdays is also considered auspicious.

Many devotees of Lord Ganesha observe a Vrat, fast, on the occasion of Dwijapriya Sankashti Chaturthi or any Sankashti Chaturthi. Many ladies observe Vrat, fast, on the occasion. They do so for the wellbeing of their families, children etc and seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha to keep obstacles away. The Vrat, fast, is broken at night, after the sighting of the moon. Lord Ganesha is very popular in the Indian State of Maharashtra.


A Mantra for Lord Ganesha is -

                        Om Gan Ganpataye Namah

                        ॐ गम गणपतये नमः

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