Election Astrology 2019 - Astrological Prediction

Election Astrology 2019 - Astrological Prediction

The word-term ‘Electional’ does not necessarily solely mean or relate entirely to political elections. ‘Electional’ may also relate to other fields and aspects than just politics, such as, public and private companies, international organizations like the UN, committees, unions, sports team selection, education etc. 

Election means choosing, selecting or electing. And Electional Astrology may also relate to the best moment to act, the art of timing, timing or matching of events-actions, or to leverage the auspicious favorable time, logic, the right information etc. Electional Astrology can be regarded as a branch of Astrology, which has been in use from the ancient times. 

From the ancient times, many cultures, empires, dynasties, kingdoms, leaderships etc gave importance to the celestial bodies, astrology, horoscope auspiciousness, avoidance or correction of afflicted planets time-period, Muhurat, strategy, ups and downs prediction etc especially in political, control, timing etc moves. Electional Astrology was perhaps also used to determine whether to go to war at all or not or the timing when to go to war. 

This was perhaps to ensure the best decision making, to remain in the auspiciousness of favorability, luck, create a good ground for a greater outcome, to avoid-mitigate any mistakes, to facilitate wisdom-intelligence etc. This can also be inferred from parts of the epics of the Mahabharata and Ramayana. Many ancient Greeks-Romans, Babylonians etc also valued and followed such belief systems of celestial bodies, astrology, auspiciousness-inauspiciousness etc.

Up to the modern-day, whether democracy, dictatorship, monarchy or any format or form of country or region authority, power is a complex mind aspect; and like a chess game, even a single right or wrong move may make or break the game against the opponent-competitor or enemy, therefore every step and action is important. 

Often, the leader or candidates contesting the elections, his-her astrological horoscope is regarded. The time and place of when the political group was formed, called horary, can also be accounted. However, it must be noted that Electional Astrology is not a 100% guarantee for winning but a tool to increase chances of favorability supported with key information, timing etc that increases the likelihood to win.

2019 is witnessing elections in some parts of the world, vis-a-vis, countries like India, South Africa, Indonesia, Guatemala, UK local elections, Argentina etc.

We wish the best outcome for the deserving candidates, for the people of the respective regions, and for the overall peace and harmony in the world.

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