Ganesh Chaturthi Facts & Importance

Ganesh Chaturthi Facts & Importance

Ganesh Chaturthi, an auspicious festival taking place in the Shukla Chaturthi of the Hindu calendar of Bhadra (generally falls in between Aug-Sept). The God of 108 different names also known for “Vinayak Chaturthi” in many places, this day is meant to celebrate Lord Ganesh's birthday, the elephant-headed son of God Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The delightful day symbolizes Vignharta, as by saying the one who will praise Ganesh first, they won’t be terrified by the evil clans. People around the whole Indian celebrate such magnified presence of God of Prosperity’s arrival (Aagman) till the time it is being dispersed (Visarjan).


Ganesh Chaturthi, it all started at the Oceanic capital of Indian, Mumbai (also known as Bombay) situated on the bank of Port of Arabic Ocean. Chatrapati Shivaji abolished such festivals which led to masses. It is a ten-day festival of India, millions of people bring the idol of Lord Ganesh to their home. In mythology saying that Lord Ganesh (Ganpati) is worshipped to remove any obstacle of wicked energy (Vignharta). It all starts in the 6th month of the Hindu calendar of Bhadra. Mostly it comes in the month of Aug-Sept. The darkest fortnight (Shukla paksha) of the 4th of this month to the 14th day as in since the Chaturthi till Chaturdashi. The lord’s idol is established inside the house where while establishment prayers and people worship the god of fertility.

 Arrival prays (aagman pooja) is done while the idol is situated inside the home. Following establishment prayers (sathapana pooja) in which for the happiness of the arrival of Lord Ganesha, sweets are made.  It is meant Lord Ganesh arrives when the rainy season arrives which symbolizes growth and fertility. Sweets and Eatables are also a very beautiful and wonderful part of this festival. A variety of sweets like Modak, Ladu are made to worship the Lord. The auspicious grass of Durva and Marigold flowers are being flourished. Marigold symbolizes growth and prosperity as each petal can give birth to another flower.

Many people visit the temples of Lord Ganesh to worship. Amongst the largest around the world are few like Siddhi Vinayak (Mumbai), Ballaleshwar Pali temple (Maharastra), Chintamani temple (Maharastra). These few are profoundly meant to signify such auspicious festival to the utmost extent. People around carry symbolic Marigold flowers and Bermuda grass (Durva grass) to worship the Lord. Many celebrities visit the temple to get that graceful view of the Lord. Which on the 11th Day (visarjan), the idol is carried in masses towards the sea for dispersal and hope for it to come next year with the same prosperity and wisdom.


Mythological saying according to Granth (Sacred book), Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated for the rebirth of Elephant –headed, the god of prosperity. There are many versions of stories unfolded but what outruns many beliefs is this story. Goddess Parvati was rubbing the dirt while bathing gave birth to Lord Ganesha and sets him to guard while she is taking bath. Lord Shiva returning to Kailash Parvat after a long while not knowing anything about Lord Ganesh. He saw him and compels and tried to convince Lord Ganesh to get out of his way towards Goddess Parvati. The reaction to it Lord Ganesha stubbornly stood there which made Lord Shiva angry and let him cut off Lord Ganesha’s head. Goddess Parvati fully unaware of the situation came out after bathing. When she saw Lord Ganesh she took the form of Goddess of Death (Mata Kaali) and flares up to diminish the Universe. Reflection of such a situation Lord Shiva promises that he will bring Lord Ganesh back to life. He commanded to bring any head of living being first occurred. The elephant is the first who gave birth to new Lord Ganesh with the elephant head. His uniqueness made Lord Shiva make him God of Prosperity and head of Devils (Rakshasas). His knowledge and wisdom led him to be called the God of Wisdom and prosperity. 

     “You get scattered into the same soil, which made you”

आप उसी मिट्टी में बिखर जाओ, जिसने तुम्हें बनाया है

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