The Value in Observing Ganesh Jayanti, 9 February 2019

The Value in Observing Ganesh Jayanti, 9 February 2019

Ganesh Jayanti is a popular Hindu holy event-festival. Ganesh Jayanti is observed mainly in India and Nepal; but worship to Lord Ganesh is most prominent in Maharashtra and Goa, India. Lord Ganesh, also Ganpati, is one of the most popular Hindu deities in the modern time, in the 21st century. Lord Ganesh is one of the most worshipped deities in the world as well.

Besides India and Nepal, Lord Ganesh is also worshiped in Japan in a different elephant-headed deity form, Tibetan Buddhism, east and south-east Asian countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia etc. Jayanti means birthday or anniversary.

Lord Ganesh is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Lord Kartikeya, God of War, is the brother of Lord Ganesh. Lord Shiva is one of the top three Hindu deities, along with Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. Goddess Parvati is among the top deities.

The Gregorian date of Ganesh Jayanti may vary every year. Ganesh Jayanti is observed as per the Hindu calendar. Ganesh Jayanti falls on the 4th day, Tithi, of the Shukla Paksha, in the Hindu calendar month of Magha. Shukla Paksha is the rising-waxing phase of the moon in the month’s fortnight; which is why Ganesh Jayanti is also called Magh Shukla Chaturthi. Magh relates and falls in-between to Gregorian January-February. Ganesh Jayanti falls on the 9th of February in 2019.

Another festivity related to Lord Ganesh, among the most popular, is the Ganesh Chaturthi; this is a different and longer duration event. Ganesh Chaturthi falls around the September period. It falls on Chaturthi, the 4th day of the Shukla Paksha in the Hindu calendar month of Bhadrapada.

Lord Ganesh is associated with many life aspects, such as new beginnings, intellect, fortune, wisdom, career, business, profession, job, growth, success etc. Lord Ganesh is believed to have 108 names. Some of his other names are Ganpati, Vinayak, Vignesh, Atharva, Gaj, Lavin etc.

There is an ancient connection between Lord Ganesh and Astrology, spirituality, healing etc. Many Astrologers and Priests advice natives with certain life problems to seek blessings of Lord Ganesha, especially on the basis of Janam Kundli, natal birth chart, especially to remove obstacles in life.


A Mantra for Lord Ganesh is -

                        Om Gan Ganpataye Namah

                        ॐ गं गणपतये नमः

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