Get Blessed by Surya Dev this Bhanu Saptami, 26 May 2019

Get Blessed by Surya Dev this Bhanu Saptami, 26 May 2019

Bhanu Saptami is a holy Hindu event. The word Bhanu means the Sun. Saptami is the 7th lunar day, Tithi, after the full moon, in each of two halves of the lunar month. Bhanu Saptami is also sometimes called as Surya Saptami. Bhanu Saptami is observed in devotion and dedication to the Sun Lord, Surya Dev. Bhanu Saptami is observed and falls on the 7th lunar day in the Shukla Paksha phase of the moon. Shukla Paksha is a rising-waxing moon phase.

In Sanskrit and Hindi, there are several names of the Sun. Some are Bhanu, Surya, Suraj, Aditya, Arun, Aruna, Ravi, Rohit, Ravish, etc.

In Astrology, the Sun has a pivotal role, significance, and implication in any native’s life. The Sun is the main reason for life on Earth. The Sun signifies energy, power, life longevity, good wealth and health, good fortune, etc.

Sundays are dedicated to the Sun. Sunday is called Ravivaar in Hindi, Domingo in Spanish, Solis in Spanish, Sonntag in German, Al’ Ahad in Arabic, Nichiyobi in Japanese, Xinggiri in Chinese and so forth. Solar and Ravi refer to the Sun. The gemstone for the Sun is the ruby, Manikya. The 12-Mukhi-faced Rudraksha is for the Sun.

Many devotees wake up early in the morning on the occasion of Bhanu Saptami. Some observe Vrat, fast. For those possible, they take a holy dip in the Ganges, the holy river Ganga. Many chant the Sun Lord, Surya Dev Mantra. Water and flowers are offered to the Surya Dev facing the sun or at the images or idol of Surya Dev, often depicted with a chariot of 7 horses. Some natives make donations especially at the Sun temple, such as food, clothes, fruits, etc for the poor. The devotees seek the blessings of Surya Dev for auspiciousness and favorability in energy, activeness, good health and wealth, good fortune, etc.

Visiting a Sun temple is also considered auspicious. There are specific Sun temples, such as the UNESCO World Heritage ancient Site Konark Sun Temple in Orissa, Dakshinaarka temple in Gaya, Suryanar Temple near Kumbakonam, etc.

A Mantra for the Sun is –

                        Om Suryaya Namah

                         सूयार्य नमः


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