Get Rid of the Evil Eye, Buri Nazar

Get Rid of the Evil Eye, Buri Nazar

Experiences and feelings of aspects like jealousy, envy, suspicion, greed, being cursed, urge of someone to harm you etc can prove to be dangerous and harmful for anyone. Many at times, one finds another person staring with an evil eye. In many cultures and spiritual belief systems, especially in regions with ancient classical societies and tribes, irrespective of religion, this evil eye is considered inauspicious.

An evil eye is like someone, some aspect or effect stabbing or harming you behind your back, often without you knowing about it, due to normally for reasons like someone being jealous, envious etc.

In the modern-day, a person can get jealous, envious or notice the good qualities of another person for multiple reasons and aspects. Some get jealous or have an evil eye on others’ success, riches, prosperity, job promotions, salary hike, business heights, financial status, a good spouse, expensive possessions, vehicles, clothes, travel, smart-phones, electronic gadgets, happiness, fitness, children, fortunes etc.

In India and more among the Hindi-Urdu speaking natives, an evil eye is called Buri Nazar. Buri means bad or evil. Nazar means looking at, staring or gazing. However, a Buri Nazar does not necessarily have to be a physical direct look by eyes, stare or gazing at a person with an evil eye. A Buri Nazar can happen in the mind thought process remotely too. Buri Nazar can also be related to vibes and feelings that a person keeps towards another.

Anybody can be vulnerable due to Buri Nazar. It can happen between any two persons and in any relationship, e.g., between friends, business competitors, in families, guests and so forth. Buri Nazar can happen on a newborn child, a student, professional, celebrities, politicians, housewives, retired personnel or anybody.

In Astrology, certain planets and Houses, and astrological conditions can also be accountable for this aspect, e.g., an individual with an inauspiciously placed moon or malefic moon. Any of the 9 planets, Navgraha, can give different types of Buri Nazar.

There are numerous ways to ward off the Buri Nazar, in various belief systems. It varies from culture to culture and region to region. In India, an object called Nazar Battu is also used. A Nazar Battu can be in the form of a bracelet that is worn on hand; some natives keep a picture, have a tattoo, place a black thread, put a small black spot on the body with a black pen or Kajal. Some use Lord Ganesha pendant, Nazar Suraksha Kawach pendant, a Yantra pattern etc. Many businesspersons and Traders place lemon and chili at the entrance of their workplaces, offices or shops, especially on a Saturday. Many vehicle users, especially new vehicle buyers, place a black thread on their vehicles. Many natives recite-chant Mantra, especially Hanuman Chalisa, to kill away any serious form of Buri Nazar.

Many Indians place an evil fierce-looking face idol or mirrors outside at the entrance of their homes. This is to ward off any Buri Nazar, jealousy, negativity etc. In many temples across India, Priests ward off the Buri Nazar by special ritual, spiritual, prayers etc ways. There are specific temple visit days too to get rid of Buri Nazar. Many Priests and Astrologers provide Mantra Upchaar Samigri.

Many commercial truck drivers across India write “Buri Nazar Wale Tera Muh Kaala” on their trucks. It literally translates to that “those with an evil eye, your face is black”. In other words, it is to block, and the returning of the bad evil thoughts and notions back to that person who is emitting it.


A Mantra to prevent from Buri Nazar is—

Namaste Rudra Rupaaye Karirupyaay Te Namah

नमस्ते रूद्ररूपाय करिरूपाय ते नम:

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