Greetings and Remembrance on Narada Jayanti, 19 May 2019

Greetings and Remembrance on Narada Jayanti, 19 May 2019

Narada Jayanti marks the birth anniversary of Lord Dev Rishi Narada Muni. In the context of Narada Jayanti, Jayanti means the birth anniversary.

Some facts about Lord Dev Rishi Narada Muni

Lord Dev Rishi Narada Muni was a renowned, great Vedic Sage in the ancient times in the expansive Indian peninsula then. Lord Narada was regarded as the messenger or communicator of God. He was also a musician and played an instrument Veena especially in worship to Lord Krishna. Lord Narada also worshiped Lord Narayana that is Lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna is the 8th incarnation-avatar of Lord Vishnu. Lord Narada Muni is said to have traveled extensively. Many regard Lord Narada as the greatest devotee of Lord Krishna. Lord Narada also played a role in the texts of Bhagavad Purana, Mahabharata, and Ramayana.

What is the meaning of the Sanskrit word Narada?

The Sanskrit word Narada has many meanings or references. The exact meaning of the word Narada may vary in Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism. The word Narada generally means a great saintly person.  It also means the giver of wisdom. Some call Narada as the son of the supreme God Brahma, or a creation of God Brahma; and the mother of Lord Narada as Goddess Saraswati.

When is Narada Jayanti celebrated?

The date of Narada Jayanti celebrated every year is determined and observed according to the Hindu calendar. Narada Jayanti falls during Purnima, i.e., during the full moon, the day after Purnima, in the Krishna Paksha Dvitiya Tithi, the lunar day after the full moon, in the Hindu calendar month of Jyeshtha.  Krishna Paksha is the waning-fading phase of the moon in the fortnight of the lunar month. Narada Jayanti normally falls a day after the Buddha Purnima. The date of Narada Jayanti always corresponds to and falls in the Gregorian May or June period.

How is Narada Jayanti celebrated?

Many devotees of Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna observe a Vrat, fast on the occasion of Narada Jayanti, as also Lord Narada was a devotee of Lord Krishna, as mentioned above. Many visit Lord Krishna and-or Lord Vishnu temples and seek blessings for auspiciousness in their respective lives. Some make donations to the needy, and some offer sweets, flowers etc to the Priest or Sadhus, and at the idols or pictures of Lord Krishna and-or Lord Vishnu at the temples or at home. Many chant Lord Krishna and-or Lord Vishnu Mantras, and perform Pujas and Bhajans, prayer ceremonies. In the modern-day, many media persons, news industry persons, musicians etc also observe Narada Jayanti and regard it auspicious.

A Mantra for Lord Vishu is—

                        Om Naaraayanaay Namah

                        ॐ नारायणाय नम:

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