Health Astrology; Hepatitis Testing Day, 19 May 2019

Health Astrology; Hepatitis Testing Day, 19 May 2019

The history of Medical or Health astrology can be traced back to ancient times; for example, the ancient Ayurveda system of medicine. Ayurveda is often linked with the customary astrology. The traditional Indian and Chinese medicinal systems are perhaps the oldest in the world, dating back to thousands of years. Likewise, Astrology is also thousands of years old. Many regard Astrology to be the oldest Science or pseudoscience in the world.

In Astrology, the House for Health in the horoscope birth chart, Janam Kundli is the 6th. However, the whole birth chart of any native has to be analyzed and interpreted for a specific result and detailed Health Report. Though each of the 12 Houses of the Janam Kundli is associated with specific body parts, the 6th House is seen as the main House for the overall health factor in life.

Each House in the birth chart is connected with a zodiac sign, a celestial body, and certain body parts. There can be variations in body parts and health problems specific to a celestial body. For an accurate Health Report, the best entire Janam Kundli interpretation is required, as mentioned above. Below is a brief illustration of the association:

House 1 - Aries – Mars.          Body parts – Body, head, brain and its blood vessels, upper jaw, face, nose, etc

House 2 - Taurus – Venus.      Body parts – Right eye, mouth, throat, teeth, lower jaws, neck, thyroid gland, etc

House 3 - Gemini – Mercury. Body parts – Right ear, shoulders, hands, arms, fingers, blood, lungs, bronchi, etc

House 4 - Cancer – Earth’s moon. Body parts – Chest, breast, taste, stomach, ribs, digestive system, left the body

House 5 - Leo – Sun.               Body parts – Heart, spinal cord, thymus gland, back, vena cava, hollow veins, etc

House 6 - Virgo – Mercury.    Body parts – Skin, kidneys, stomach, intestines, bowels, abdomen, solar plexus

House 7 - Libra – Venus.         Body parts – Waist, navel, lower spine, lumbar area, uterus, procreation organs

House 8 - Scorpio – Mars.      Body parts - Sexual organs, urinary, pelvic bones, bladder, kidneys, rectum, etc

House 9 - Sagittarius – Jupiter. Body parts – Hips, thighs, nerves, arterial system, etc

House 10 - Capricorn – Saturn. Body parts – Knees, bones, joints, hamstrings, etc

House 11 - Aquarius – Saturn. Body parts – Ankles, calves, legs, circulatory system, left ear, etc

House 12 - Pisces – Jupiter.    Body parts – Feet, toes, left eye, lymphatic system, hospitalization, death

Medical or Health Astrology helps in some of the following ways:

  1. It can help predict health diseases, ailments, etc in advance
  2. It can tell about a native’s proneness to any health issues, problems, tendencies
  3. It can warn a native beforehand about any health threat, and also about accident, incidences
  4. Health prediction is possible for all parts of life, from birth to death
  5. Health cures and remedies are possible through Medical or Health Astrology

The 19th of May 2019 marks the Hepatitis Testing Day in the US. It is a day earmarked to spread awareness and the importance of Hepatitis inoculation. The natives are encouraged to test and take the Hepatitis vaccination for prevention and good health. Good health is true wealth.

A Mantra for Venus, the Lord of House 6th is—

                                    Om Shukraya Namah

                                     शुक्राय नमः

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