Yearly Horoscope 2021: Here’s the complete astrology predictions for all zodiac signs for the new year!

Yearly Horoscope 2021: Here’s the complete astrology predictions for all zodiac signs for the new year!

Aries Horoscope 2021

General- Those born under this moon sign will possibly have a rewarding 2021. Results in the professional field are likely to be good. Though, the start of the year might have disappointing situations and you might have to endure some difficulties that are unforeseen. Those in jobs need to be careful while those in business will possibly have a better time as there are many chances for you to gain with possible opportunities coming from foreign lands. Your parents might face health issues toward the middle of the year which might lead to expenses. Those who are students are likely to have a year of mixed fortunes. Family life might also see its share of unwanted outcomes with conflicts possible between you and your spouse. With respect to your children, this could be a good year. Those who are unmarried will likely have a good run in the matters of love. Be mindful of your health.

Career- You are requested to be careful during 2021. Your own can bring you harm if you are not careful. In your professional sphere, you are likely to face many troubles. Your hard work and bravery will help you tower over all kinds of troubles. Matters around business will have good signs for you that will possibly lead to good results.

Education- This year will bring mixed results in the field of education. You will suffer from a lack of interest early on in the year. Be careful of the company that you keep as those around you might bring you a bad name. You can have difficulty in grasping several subjects. Focus on your studies as this is likely to lead to good results.

Finance - You might face issues related to finances in 2021. Circumstances might be adversarial but your wisdom and calmness can help you turn this phase in your favor eventually leading to financial gains. Be careful and decide on everything wisely.

Health- Matters around your health are not likely to be the best in 2021. While there are not likely to be any major concerns, due attention is needed around one’s eating habits and not paying attention to this can lead to stomach and kidney related ailments. Try and avoid being tense as you are also likely to suffer from headaches.


Taurus Horoscope 2021

General- You are likely to progress and grow in 2021. Those in the field of business will probably reap rewards according to the efforts. Financial gains and results might not be as proportional as troubles seem likely. There might be intermediate phases where you can make financial gains, and you can use these to fix your troubles. Planetary positions indicate that students will need to work hard to make headway in their learning. Though, the situation might change that could lead to opportunities in studying abroad. Matters related to family might not be as blissful but any program organized for the planet Mars is likely to bring happiness to the environment. As per the 2021 horoscope, matters around married life might not be as blissful and could lead to trouble and tension emanating from it.

Career- 2021 is likely to be a great year as new stars might dawn on your luck. You are likely be successful in your occupation. You will probably work your socks off for your occupation which is likely to yield gains. Time seems to be ripe for you to make a job switch as well. Those in the field of business are likely to make financial gains. Avoid unnecessary travel as much as possible.

Finances- 2021 seems to be a mixed bag when it comes to finance. You are likely to have financial constraints at the start of the year with an increase in expenses imminent. The end of the year will possibly bring some relief around your financial troubles. Be mindful of controlling expenses, especially those of the frivolous kind.

Education- This is going to be a significant year for students. You will be pushed into working hard at the start of the year, but this effort looks highly probable to get you results. You might face obstacles, but you are likely to tower over them and succeed. Maintain some distance from your friends else the results might not be kind to you.

Health- You might face some health troubles at the start of 2021. Be mindful of what you eat and drink. If you are planning to travel anywhere, then this is not the right time. Some old illness could come back to trouble you, hence you are advised to be careful.


Gemini Horoscope

General- 2021 promises to be a good year for those born under the Gemini sign. You are likely to be blessed with a child which will bring you joy. Those dealing with matters of love will probably see some progress. Matters around your spouse are likely to escalate due to ego hassles creating an adversarial atmosphere in your relationship. This will likely create issues in your married life hence you are advised to follow the remedies towards Mars as these will likely help you avoid trouble. This year you can face issues related to your work life. You are likely to waste time being involved in frivolous matters.

Career- You are likely to witness some positive changes in your work environment with your colleagues helping you with new opportunities. Your boss will possibly be impressed with your dedication and hard work. Your luck will likely favor you if you are involved in a job with a possible chance of promotion. You will face challenges in your career, but, be strong and try and rise up to them.

Education- Those pursuing higher education are likely to have an especially good time in 2021 from April-September. You are likely to get help in every related matter, and a big decision that will affect your future might be during this time. You are requested to keep working hard and keep an eye on your goals.

Finance- This year your hard work is going to lead you to success. Your expenses are likely to increase, and trying to control them should be at the forefront. Any type of financial exchange should be done with due diligence as this could bring you losses. Tensions are likely to continue. Your mind is likely to face a lot of illusions. Towards the middle of the year, things are likely to be normal but maintain calmness around you.

Health- Those born under this moon sign might have their father go through health troubles. You are advised to seek adequate medical advice for these matters and be mindful of your health as signs point towards a serious illness. Pay special attention to knee pains, joint pains, arthritis and indigestion as these ailments can bring you additional difficulties.


Cancer Horoscope

General- You are likely to have a good start to 2021 especially during the months of February, mid-March, April, May, August and September. This year will likely bring a higher sense of loyalty between you and your partner which is likely to cement your relationship. Health seems to be a mixed bag this year which could lead to ailments and weakness. You will possibly have difficulties in your married life and conflicts between you and your partner can bring out a new sense of loyalty thus conquering your problems. Please be mindful of the company that your children keep.

Career- As per your horoscope, 2021 is the year where you will possibly execute each task successfully. Be careful around your workplace as a lack of good fortune could lead to troubles. Conflict and difference of opinion in the workplace are likely. This is possible especially with a woman colleague, and it is likely to have a negative effect on your image. Controlling your anger is the need of the hour. Your involvement with social matters over and above your professional commitments will bring you respect, prestige and professional gains. You need to keep working hard and sustain your efforts during this time.

Education- As per your horoscope, your hard work is likely to reap rewards. Those pursuing competitive exams will deem themselves capable of success in the same. Your luck is going to favor you and your teachers are also likely to be helpful towards you. Those students preparing for competitive exams are likely to have January and August as their good months. And, for those pursuing higher education, this promises to be a great time.

Finance-This year is going to be a mixed bag when it comes to matters of finance with a possibility of additional difficulties during the months of April to September. Hence, spend according to your capabilities as your fortune does not seem to favor you which could lead to troubles. During this time, disputes in the workplace might arise. You will take additional responsibilities of participating in social activities, something that will bring you additional fame and prestige.

Health- This year, those with Cancer as their moon sign need to be extra careful while driving as they are likely to be in accidents. During the first few months of the year, you will possibly face quite a few difficulties. But these can be avoided if you are mindful of your diet. However, ailments of the body might remain in some form. Don’t be overawed by work, business or family matters and seek medical advice from time to time. Before leaving the house, have a proper meal.


Leo Horoscope

General- In 2021, those in the field of business are likely to be challenged. You can face huge losses and are advised to be extra careful in matters of finance. You might head towards unwanted financial difficulties. You are likely to get a promotion but this can also lead to a conflict of some sort with a colleague. Matters around education will lead to normal results. Those looking to study abroad or appear in competitive exams need to work their socks off and work extra hard. This year, your opponents might try to distract you and you are advised to stay away from this as far as possible.

Career- You are likely to face many problems this year but you will also be able to navigate your way through them. The period from the start to the middle of the year is not likely to bring any professional success but, in the end, you are bound to do well. Those in the field of business might be able to travel to foreign lands which could be highly beneficial to them.

Education- This could to be a year of ups and downs in matters of education. The months of January to April seem to be most favorable to you along with the period of September to November.  Lord Shani is likely to test you during these phases and bring out extra hard work from you. Those planning to study abroad are likely to be disappointed. Don’t be disheartened and keep working towards your goal. Be mindful of the company you keep, avoid frivolous travels and believe in your own work ethic.

Finances- 2021 promises to have a good start to the year and April seems to be the best month. You will need to be careful. This month is likely to bring gains in income with supplementary sources adding to your gains. You will have an opportunity to boost both your efforts towards and earnings from these sources. Avoid starting a new business and those involved in business partnerships will need assistance in ironing out their strategies with their associates.

Health- The predictions say that 2021 could be a year when you face many problems. Problems relating to large intestine and kidney might arise which can lead to difficulties in your health. Apart from this, diseases of the wind and joints are likely to originate giving you additional problems. Consult a doctor for the same.



General- The year 2021 will possibly see a lot of ups and downs in your career, probably due to Lord Shani’s vision affecting your concentration in work-related matters. This could be a reason for you not being able to finish your work in time. Those pursuing their education have to be extra careful, as this does not appear to be a conducive time especially for most, apart from those in the fields of politics, social service or IT. You will need to work harder than before to succeed, hence, do not let your intensity drop, come what may. Not following this might lead to losses. Your child will do well in their profession, which will bring you joy and happiness. Health related problems with your partner are likely to bring financial difficulties for you. There could be conflict between you and your partner on family related matters. However, you will get intermittent support from your partner. Your health during this period seems to be good with a new sense of vigor pushing you to work faster. There might be the odd trouble here and there, stand up to this and face it with all your might.

Career- This is not going to be a good year as you will possibly be not as involved with your work and might look to change jobs. But, have full faith in your work ethic as this is likely to be extremely important going forward in your life. If you are looking to change jobs, then give it due thoughts as it is going to be a big decision going forward. If you are in a partnership, then avoid making a big investment right now, else losses might be imminent. Consult your associates and seniors if you are taking a big decision as this is likely to have an important bearing on your life. Otherwise, you might end up facing allegations of some kind.

Education- 2021 seems to offer a lot of good for those who are finished with their education as they are likely to find a new job. There will be some obstacles in the way but be prepared to work hard in order to maximize your full potential. Use your time in accordance with your goals and focus your mind. You will need all this to fulfil your hopes and dreams this year.

Finance- Your expenses are likely to have a sudden increase this year, hence, you are advised to avoid unnecessary expenditure. Please try to maintain all sources of profits as this is likely to alleviate you of financial strain. Apart from this, you will need to give additional focus to saving money. You are expected to have monetary gains using some secretive methods. Those with Virgo as their moon sign can face some massive swings during this year.

Health- You will possibly witness an increased sense of courage because of the presence of Rahu in your third house. This could also keep illness at bay. Apart from this, the middle of the year will see Jupiter in the fifth house from April 6-September 15, hence be extra careful of your health during this time else you could head towards diabetes, UTI and similar medical issues.



General- 2021 will be an unusual year as your monetary gains might be offset with corresponding expenses. Planetary movements this year will possibly nudge you to save more and more which will lead to a better financial life. You could get a chance to go abroad and also do well in your higher studies. Matters around the family are not likely to be as smooth as planets around you can affect an adversarial situation.

Career- 2021 indicates a year of hard work and focus for those with the Libra moon sign. If you are willing to sweat it out, then success is eventually bound to be yours. You are likely to be appointed to an important post towards the end of the year. You need to work wisely as this is going to bring you lots of respect and fame embarking a path of progress in your career. If you are looking to start a new business, then avoid doing so this year. Whether you work in a job, or in a business, hard work is eventually likely to bring you significantly better results.

Education- 2021 will bring an enhanced focus on education for those under the Libra zodiac sign. You will likely impress your teachers with your performance. The fruits of your labor will be reaped by the grace and blessings of Lord Shani. If you want to go for higher education, then this seems to be the right time. Results are probably going to favor you. Your fame and respect are likely to increase along with the progress and successes that this time brings.

Finances- The year 2021 seems to be a fairly normal year for those under the moon sign Libra. The period from January-April and July-mid November seems to be favorable for improving your financial situation. Efforts made during this time are likely to yield financial gains and you are likely to have multiple sources of earning. Still, with all your caution, you are likely to have a tough balancing act between income and expenditure. Look to make a long-term investment in the second half of the year as this situation seems ideal for one.

Health- This year you would need to be especially careful about your health else you might be troubled by a disease. Hence, its probably best that you look after your health and well-being, even while facing minor problems especially during the months of March and April else this might impede your ability to be able to carry out your work on a daily basis.  

Scorpio Horoscope

GeneralThe students born under the moon sign Scorpio will have a rewarding 2021, although, this would require more effort than before. You would have difficulty in applying yourself to education, most likely due to the company you keep. Hence, it is imperative that you focus yourself on your education, and nothing else. This requires not to put your interests ahead but prioritize your relationships while moving forward. Those seeking a love marriage are likely to make headway. Matters pertaining to the family are likely to have a little bit of trouble.

Career- The start of 2021 will see its fair share of challenges. However, the middle of the year will see you embark on a new line of work which can lead you on a path of success. This year, you might be the recipient of a sudden transfer, although it won’t be one which will favor you. But, be mindful of your circumstances and do your best in the situation otherwise some adverse situations might arise. Embracing this situation will bring a sense of satisfaction to you. Those investing in property are likely to have a good run this year.

Education- In 2021, matters around education are likely to be stable. You will need your teachers to succeed. Hence, do not hesitate one bit while seeking their help. Those with Scorpio as their moon sign are likely to do well in matters of technical education and are likely to get good results. However, if you are pursuing other education, then, this is also the right time. Nothing will be easy in this regard and you will need to work hard to achieve the results you desire. Students are likely to have many good opportunities and success and rewards are imminent according to your efforts.

Finance- Pending legal matters related to money, if any, are likely to be decided in your favor in 2021. Monetary gains are likely to be met with increased expenses. Those trying to accumulate wealth over a period of time might face issues. Property and monetary matters are likely to lead to disputes.

Health- Be extra careful this year with all matters related to your health and will need you to exercise and practice the Pranayama. This year, you might face some stomach related ailments and allergies along with it. Hence, place extra focus on your diet. If you are mindful of such things, then the year might turn out to be good for your health.



General- In 2021, you are likely to gain fame and respect along with progress. You are also likely to get a favorable transfer that you desire and if you were looking to go abroad, then work just might take you there. You are likely to get support from your teachers and fellow students and the presence of Rahu in the sixth house of your horoscope will be a blessing allowing you to grasp a multitude of problems. Your family is likely to have a ceremony to please Mars which could bring some happiness around you. This is the time to focus on those around you.

Career- This year, your colleagues and seniors in your workplace will be highly supportive. You are also going to be encouraged by those close to you to progress with respect to your career, which will possibly bring financial gains and success to you. If you have been seeking a transfer in your job, then the time is right and it is likely to lead to fruition because of transit of Sun in your ninth house.  Those looking to make changes can look to have favorable results. Those in the field of business are likely to have support from their partners and have a lot of success.

Education- Those who have been planning to pursue an education abroad seem to be on course especially in the months of September and December 2021. The auspicious planetary alignment during this time is likely to be beneficial for those seeking an admission into a school or college. Though this year is likely to one of good results, be careful, especially in the months of February and March as your planetary arrangements can create an illusion around you.

Finance- Continuously increasing expenditure are likely to give you some tension. Hence, this time will require the right strategy from you towards your finances, hence, it is best that accumulate some savings beforehand. Your income is likely to increase constantly making your financial conditions strong which will relieve you from stress, much of which is likely to come increasing expenditure.

Health- Be extra careful so that you do not become a part of any infection transmission. On the whole, the year appears to be a good one when it comes to matters of health. You are likely to experience a sense of freshness and joy within you. Your health is likely to improve when compared to the recent past.  



General- Those with Capricorn as their moon sign are likely to have a special time in 2021 with favorable results imminent. The Presence of Saturn, and Jupiter in your chart will drive you to achieve the best outcomes from your efforts. The arrangement of these planets will be fortunate for you and likely drive your career to new heights. Do not let your efforts take a dip and be mindful of this. Financial matters this year might not be in favor leading to some troubles. Do not worry, however difficult the start of the year might be, the end would be surprisingly good. The middle of the year might get you some opportunities to gain monetarily due to blessings of Rahu. However, be mindful of your expenses.

Career- Throughout this year, your hard work is likely to yield rewards. Hence, speed up your efforts but finish old tasks before embarking on anything new. The presence of Saturn and Jupiter both is likely to bless you with good fortune, and your career is likely to move onward with the increasing rewards of your efforts being visible. This conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will lead you to grow in your career and your good fortune will lead you to scale new heights in your career.

Education- Any subject that you try to pursue or any task that you would like to complete will likely drive you towards success. Your teachers will probably prove to be your biggest support system this year. The Mars Rahu conjunction in the fifth house this year from February to April might lead you to face problems in the area of education. Hence, you are requested to focus your mind and you will most likely pass this test with flying colors.

Finance- The start of the year is not good in this aspect as expenses are likely to increase and not controlling these might lead to a financial crunch. Hence, follow a strategic plan on how to spend your money. Your planetary positions are likely to influence your financial life leading to rather difficult months in January and August. The weakening financial conditions are likely to influence your personal life, hence, avoid lending out any money through the course of the year.

Health- Your health during this year is likely to be good. The blessings of Lord Shani will possibly affect your health in a positive way and you are likely to rid yourself of old ailments during this year. You might face some problems at the start of the year but will be relieved of these troubles in due course of time. Hence, you are requested to do yoga or exercise frequently. Also, maintain a healthy diet regimen and try and avoid being tense. 



General- Those with Aquarius as their moon are likely to witness significant changes in 2021. The start of the year augurs well for professional success and the months of September and December are going to bring you a lot of gains. Those involved in the sphere of business are likely to make significant gains. However, during the months of June and July, you will likely need to avoid trusting others as this might lead to issues going ahead. As per your 2021 horoscope, this year is going to have its share of ups and downs in terms of finance with unwanted expenses on the rise. And, despite your best efforts, you might not be able to curtail them. Hence, during this time, be careful of financial transactions during this period else you might face significant financial losses.

Career- Those opposed to your success are likely to stay active and will try everything in their power to cause troubles for you. The time from the last week of July to September is likely to be an extremely auspicious one for you. Your luck will favor you leading you to progress and prosperity. You are likely to see a transfer in the month of October. The last month of the year, December could also a great deal of success. Those in the field of business might have to take work-related trips and these are likely to be beneficial.

Education- Those preparing for competitive exams this year will need to be patient till they taste success. Hence, do not be despondent and keep your efforts consistent. Lord Shani’s presence will make you work extra hard. Those studying for a higher education are also likely to have a rewarding year. The month of September appears to be an especially fortuitous one. Those who are pursuing a technical education are likely to have a normal year.

Finances- Right from the start of the year till the end, your hard work is not likely to missed, thanks to the presence of Lord Shani. Your finances might not be in the strongest state with an increase in expenses imminent which you probably won’t be able to contain despite your best efforts. If you don’t put a leash on your expenses, then your financial situation could go haywire. This problematic phase is going to be there from January-April. 

Health- You might end up facing health issues this year. Possible ailments include foot aches. Hence, this might take away from your ability to apply yourself to work. Please do not overlook this as a small problem and try and visit a doctor as soon as possible else it might become a significant issue over time. Principally, monitor your health especially during the months of April to September.  



General- You are likely to spend money this year in order to expand your business. September might bring a period of financial difficulty for you. Students are likely to face troubles in the initial part but post January, situation seems conducive for them to succeed. The phase from April to mid-September could lead to several partial successes. Those who are married are likely to welcome a new family member who will bring a sense of affection and novelty with progress and prosperity imminent on the same.

Career- You are likely to do well in your professional endeavor which is likely to make this year a good one. Your associates and colleagues will possibly help you from a position of strength. Maintain good relationships with your superiors and colleagues in these times and try and ensure that your hard work is seen and duly rewarded consummately when the time comes.

Education- You are likely to reap the utmost rewards of your hard work in 2021 with improvements in every subject likely. However, if the results are not aligned with expectation, then do not drop your intensity or efforts. Those preparing for a competitive exam are likely to have a pleasing year. The period from April-May and August-September is likely to be extremely favorable with a likelihood of success with high scores imminent.

Finance- Your financial condition is going to be in a position of strength right from the start and go from strength to strength. This year, your partner is also likely to be a source of happiness and you will not shy away from taking any risks in your career. Avoid travels of any kind for the time being.

Health- Your health might face issues during this period. However, the situation might improve but you might face body pains towards the end of the year. Hence, please take good care of yourself during this and especially avoid outside food. To avoid mental or physical ailments, try and maintain a healthy and consistent regimen and practice yoga as much as possible.

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