How harmful is RO water for your health?

How harmful is RO water for your health?

As we have come to this world, we are constantly consuming water and we know it by simple chemical formula and that is H2O.  But one thing I am sure you don’t know, and that is it’s just not the simple H2O there is lot of things are there in it.

In nature water does not obtained it its natural from but includes many hard minerals and gases dissolve in it.  Talking about the RO water we consume in today’s era is completely adapted in our daily routine and we are completely addicted to it.

But how sure are you about RO water about its being safe for drinking. The reality about the RO water is actually far from what know today and that will give you a shock. RO water is processed water by the reverse osmosis process.

In the reverse osmosis process hard water is passed through semi permeable membrane with pressure, which results in water to pass on but all the minerals left on the either side of the membrane.

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Which means after the Reverse Osmosis process the processed water which consists very less or almost no minerals in it, and harsh truth is these minerals are really crucial for our body and drinking water without these minerals will make our body more or prone to diseases.

Do you know how drinking RO water is affecting your health as it does not contain necessary elements in it?

Drinking low water with low dissolve minerals has a negative effect on our body such as mineral loss through urinary excretion.  Also having water with eliminated essential minerals such as sodium, calcium, and chloride etc gives bad impression on the blood’s osmotic pressure and builds an electrolyte imbalance.

Similarly the mineral imbalance has a negative effect on hormone secretion within the body which lags the fertility in the women’s and men.

The function of kidney is also used to be disturbed because of drinking low on mineral water kidney functions, and bone mineral density.

The similar way consuming RO water which is actually deminearalized additionally deprives the body of necessary nutrition and which ultimately the problems like as headache, tiredness, and weakness, and sometimes muscular cramps.

As we know water is not the actual source of calcium and magnesium, but consuming water with low on calcium and magnesium mineral in it increases risk of cardiovascular diseases. It also increase the frequency of fractures in children’s similarly it also give negative impact on pregnant women’s like preterm birth low birth weights etc.

The human body is evolved in such a way that it tends to digest that food as soon as possible and as we are every addictive to junk food also. What happens here is when this junk food mixes with the RO water it produces extremely negative impacts on the body like Brittle bones,  high blood pressure, blocks the veins and arteries due to increase in cholesterol level.

The processed water from RO filtration process has a low pH value.  And consumption of low pH water increases the risk of huge problems like kidney disorders and gastrointestinal disorders.

Generally RO purifies we use, deprives the TDS (Total Dissolve Salts) levels below the national standards and which harmful for health. People should therefore thoroughly understand the functioning of a RO water purifier and the resulting health consequences of consuming demineralised water before considering RO purifier installation in your house.

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