How Jalandhar became Invisible ?

How Jalandhar became Invisible ?

It is said that Jalandhar was also the son of Shiva. However according to mythology Jalandhar was the biggest enemy of Lord Shiva. According to Srimad Devi Bhagavata Purana, Jalandhar Asura was part of Shiva, but he was not aware of it. Jalandhar was a very powerful asura. After defeating Indra, Jalandhar became the lord of all the three worlds. It is said that Yamraj was also afraid of him.
According to Srimad Devi Bhagwat Purana, once Lord Shiva threw his sweat into the sea, it created Jalandhar. Jalandhar is believed to have immense power and the reason for his power was his wife Vrinda.
 Due to Vrinda's pativrat religion, all the gods and goddesses were not able to defeat Jalandhar. Jalandhar was proud of his power and disregarded the husbandry religion of Vrinda and acted against the gods and persecuted their women.
Jalandhar knew that there is someone most powerful in the universe, then he is the God of the Gods. Jalandhar gradually defeated Indra and became Trilodhipati in order to establish himself as the almighty. After this he attacked Vishnu Loka.
Jalandhar defeated Vishnu and planned to snatch Goddess Lakshmi from Vishnu. Due to this, he attacked Baikuntha. But Goddess Lakshmi told Jalandhar that we are both born of water, so we are brothers and sisters. Jalandhar was affected by the talk of Goddess Lakshmi and left Lakshmi as Baikuntha.
After this he planned to attack Kailash and gathered all his asuras and went to Kailash and tried to make Goddess Parvati a wife. This made Goddess Parvati angry and then Mahadev had to fight Jalandhar. But due to the veracity of Vrinda, every attack of Lord Shiva made Jalandhar fruitless.
In the end, the Gods made a plan together and Lord Vishnu wearing Jalandhar came to Vrinda. Vrinda, considering Lord Vishnu as her husband Jalandhar, began to treat her like a wife. This broke Vrinda's husband's religion and Shiva killed Jalandhar.
Vrinda committed self-immolation when Vishnu dissolved sattva, then a Tulsi plant was born over his ashes. Tulsi is the form of Goddess Vrinda whom Lord Vishnu considers more dear than Lakshmi.

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