How Kundli matching help with Manglik Dosh

How Kundli matching help with Manglik Dosh

Manglik Dosh is something we frown upon as it is one of the most scared stiff according to Indian astrology. According to the astrological belief, Manglik Dosh can cause a delay in ringing the marriage bells for a person, which may lead to ruinous consequences that can make one stand on the brink of divorce, lead to disturbed family relations, struggling professional life, etc. It also hints towards an unfortunate possibility of spouse's death which is scary enough to shake the daylight out of one's soul.

These are the reasons for a conspicuous search for amelioration and that people leave no stone unturned in finding an unflinching solution for the same.

Manglik Dosh if defined with simple words refers to the strong positioning of Mars in one's birth chart.

However there are many remedies to cure the same which involve worshipping, mantra chanting, Kumbh Vivah, fasting, etc but to elude the very predictable disastrous repercussions of Manglik Dosh, it has become very prominent to follow a practice where either both the groom and bride are either Manglik or both of them are non Manglik.

The position of Mars in one's horoscope plays a very significant role in shaping the marriage aspects of one's life apart from other facets of one's life. This is why a serious thought has to be given to the same before stepping into something that can't be undone later on.

Ensuring a good match of horoscopes of groom and bride may help in debilitating the effects of Manglik Dosh and securing a future that promises a sound and happy life afterward. A remedy that has been developed keeping the positions of various planets and stars in one's horoscope garners a very critical space in order to find out the best possible cure. A deep and vigilant analysis of horoscopes or kundli's of both the bride and groom becomes a must in such cases that can assist in building up a firm base that can support not only the marriage of both persons but at the same time can ensure a stable and healthy life of the persons involved.

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