How planets influence us, know the science behind ?

How planets influence us, know the science behind ?

Since the ancient time, it has been said that there is certain energy influencing actions are thinking and how we deal with the situations. In the early times as a Sadhu and the Saints used to have that conviction that planets have certain influence over body and our mind but nowadays in most of the times it has become a math it's like half offers to believe in when we suffer from something and half hours don't believe in as we are doing good in our life so what it's seriously a mystery amongst all of us let's unfold the mystery and carry forward the word. We are born with a particular time and place and at that time and place define an individual behaviour to certain things in life. Ever wondered why some people feel that happiness and some can just find the happiness in every good situation it's not that they don’t want to be happy it’s like they don't control don’t mind and the situation anymore so what is a the science behind forwarding is the key to be happy is it family visit relatives is it the small situations we seriously seek happiness from how is it money the question is still unanswered. People who believe in astrology e have a certain faith in both the don't see e are the inanimate objects the get the knowledge from the ancient astrology has made up the mind that these things exist but the notation is faith enough.


So we might have learnt a lot about how we are born in a particular time and place defines the individuals but what is the science behind it why does it so much that even we are living in the source of things. Confused!Well, don't be understand this thing the inanimate objects all the planets do affect us in certain ways. Example to the situation like a full moon day reminds her about how the tides give enhanced to the largest of its capacity just take an example of a body at 70% of water the didn’t you think that also one get affected from the full moon day answer is yes?

It is not the effect it's not the change it's enhancement like to people feeling really light a yogic  feeling relax enhance to the next level get more relax same goes for the one who is going through mental illness they get more stressed out so basically what happens to the energy of full moon effects some way or the other inner behaviour which totally depends on how you are feeling based on your emotions on the situations you are delivered not it can reflect from bad to good or good to bad it only effects in a way of enhancement as an addition to the example for the brief explanation reminder notice your parents and sisters used to say Morning Mantra to please Surya which is Sun god ever wondered why they do that because sun is the most powerful planet among the solar system and they praise for fulfilment of relaxation achieve certain negativity it cure certain diseases it maintains the balance in life it's not about the ailment it is indeed about the satisfaction from the faith and something in our life astrology again is not anything you have to create a believe our faith in life it's a medium to live through other things as example yoga.

It's also breathing exercise so many people in their knowledge base what it is replenishing every moment close your eyes and just retaining that arguments that thoughts that negative factor which always annoys you in life you get to the source of the problem by just maintaining the balance because it's about removing the negative from the source of any trouble in your life.


“It is a very simple way when it comes to adapting what believe me it is a process for life to maintain the balance prosperity which fills the void of positivity.”

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