How Sagittarius is affected by the Sun’s Transit in December 2019 ?

How Sagittarius is affected by the Sun’s Transit in December 2019 ?

# Scientific significance for Sun Transit.

Sun transits last for 1 day and are suggested to be the most significant of the instant transits since the Sun is the source of power of the solar system. Sun transits are meant important as during this phase, the Sun lighten up the issues and situations surrounding an individual’s inhabitant planet.

The Sun expends almost 1 month in each zodiac sign as before it transits to the next and it takes around 1 year to move through the total circle of zodiac.

 In the last transit of 2018, the Sun will transit into Scorpio on 16th December, and hang about in Scorpio till 14th January 2019 when it will travel into Capricorn.




Shubh Muhurat:-

Dhanu Sankranti coming on Monday, December 16, 2019


Dhanu Sankranti Punya Kala03:43 PM to 05:28 PM


Duration - 01 Hour 45 Mins



Dhanu Sankranti


Maha Punya Kala 03:43 PM to 05:27 PM

Duration - 01 Hour 43 Mins

Dhanu Sankranti Time - 03:43 PM


Different impacts of Sun’s Transit on Different houses.

Transit in 1st House (Sun):-

 When the Sun shifts into the house where native Moon is located, the native will experience health issues:-

  1. Heart
  2. Blood pressure
  3. Headache

 The native may also experience financial insecurity during this time. Your anger could get the better of you, especially at your place of work.

 Transit in 2nd House (Sun):- It can result in some ups and downs issues. You will have to powerfully focus on what to say and how your behavior is as it could result in tensions with your family and friends. You should also keep yourself away from unsafe investments.


Transit in 3rd House (Sun):- It will be favorable for the native sign. There will be progress on the specialized border, and you may even get a support. This is the phase of happiness, good health, and increase in wealth. 

Transit in 4th House (Sun):-It will get tension and worries a bit in your life. Your work pressure at the office will stay high, causing a raise in your stress levels. Be aware that the stress does not manifest as poor attitude and temper as it could direct to arguments with your loved ones around.


Transit in 5th House (Sun):- You might come upon troubles in your work place. Your goodwill and rank might undergo of the negative planetary energy. This could result in strain and worry during this period.


Transit in 6th House (Sun):- It is meant to be good. You will recover your health in good gesture. This will establish to be a happy and auspicious phase, getting you success and giving good results regarding business.


Transit in 7th House (Sun):- You can face challenges in this phase. Your progress at work will get gradually slow, delay can be witnessed in attainment of targets. You may also acknowledge some issues related to stomach.


Transit in 8th House (Sun):- It consequences in the persons native sign occurrence of difficulties in life.  You may bump into some issues regarding legal during this phase. Your connection with wife and family will not be constant. There could also be some needless everyday expenditure and losses.


Transit in 9th House (Sun):- The person of this house might acknowledge obstacles at work. This will be a tough time regarding finances. You might also acknowledge issues with family and wife, which could make you mentally drained.


Transit in 10thHouse (Sun):- It is meant to be very constructive in Vedic Astrology. This could be a favorable phase for you, ensuring in growth and profits without that much of efforts.


Transit in 11th House (Sun):- It will bring unanticipated gains in person’s life. You will do well in your career, with your superior be grateful for your work and could attain a promotion too for it. If you are businessmen, business will be gainful. Travelling during this phase could be productive.


Transit in 12th House (Sun):- The person’s Moon may not be gainful for the person. You will acknowledge short of mental peace and restlessness.

Two most significant things you should prevent during this time is arguments with wife and participating in any type of investments.

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