How to do kalash sthapana in Navratri

How to do kalash sthapana in Navratri

As we know that, how sacred is the establishment of the kalash in the customs of Hindu religion. In any religious or Manglik program we do Kalash sthapna. But the Kalash sthapna mainly in Navratri has been given special importance. So today, through this article, we will try to know what to keep in mind while installing the Kalash so that the worship is done properly and at the same time bring happiness, prosperity and peace in the house.
Kalash 'Sthapna' Method
In the context of the establishment of the Kalash, it is said that during the Mahabharata period, when the ocean was churned by the joint effort of the gods and the Asuras, the nectar (Amrit) which was taken out as a result of it was established in Manglik programs.
There are two types of Kalash installation method adopted in Hindu customs. In this, Mangalik programs such as Shaadi Vivah, Griha Pravesh, Akhandeep Kalash in Bhoomipujan and Coconut Kalash are established in Navratri. Which is made of gold, silver, copper or clay. Keep in mind that the urn should never be made of iron. Iron urns are never used in worship.
After this, after cleaning thoroughly where the urn is to be established, make an altar of clay on which the Ashtadal lotus can be made with turmeric. Over which the urn will be placed. Before placing the Kalash, put five Pallavas or five mango leaves, Jal, Durva, Panchamrit, Supadi, Turmeric, Akshat, Sikka, Clove, Cardamom etc. in it. Make swastik with a roulette over the urn before placing coconut on this urn, place barley, wheat or intact in the bowl. Coconut is wrapped in red cloth on the Kalash which is worshiped with Panchopchar
When placing coconut on the root, the upper part of the coconut, which is attached to the tree. Where three spots appear. that is the face of the Goddess Lakshmi, she has to keep the worshiping person on her side. So that happiness brings prosperity in the house.

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