How to wear Jarkan (Zircon) Gemstone

How to wear Jarkan (Zircon) Gemstone

What time is the Perfect to wear Jarkan (Zircon)?

According to Vedic astrology before wearing any Jarkan (zircon) you should follow a procedure to avoid any of the miss happening in your life.  You can wear this beautiful Jarkan (zircon) gemstone with titanium or gold frame, depends upon you which one you found more convenient for you. And it should be worn carefully and during Shukla Paksha (ascending moon).

The best Day to wear Jarkan (Zircon) Gemstone

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Jarkan (zircon) is the gemstone related to planet Rahu. The luck factor behind your every success or failure is Rahu. Rahu have the power to make your to stronger and even and also has the power to convert your enemy into friend. The major role of a Jarkan (zircon) gemstone in your life is that actually it brings new thoughts and energy in your life. The best day to wear the Jarkan (zircon) is Friday or Saturday.

Which Finger or Hand is correct to wear Jarkan (Zircon)?

According to the Vedic astrology and our ancient believes, which are the foundation of our culture and traditions and all of us have strong belief in it. They says that wearing a suitable gemstone is not enough for you to get out of your problems, but along with best time the  correct finger hand should also be chosen by yourself to  wear your gemstone.

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How to take care of Jarkan (Zircon) gemstone after wearing it?

As Jarkan (zircon) gemstone is the second hardest material, it is the least affected gemstone by the cleansing. Take soft cotton and clean the Jarkan (zircon) gemstones by wiping it firmly, after that takes some mild warm water and dip the gemstone in it for few minutes then put a soft cloth in it and clean the gemstone by wiping it softly.

For deep cleaning, put the Jarkan (zircon) in warm water pour some mild soap and leave for some 20 minutes. Then remove the dirt with a soft brush or cloth. Then wash it warm water not to hot water after that wipe it with a dry cloth.

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How to Clean the Jarkan?

While cleaning a Jarkan (zircon) Gemstone, instead of using boiled water you should use mild warm water. Some of the moisturizers, lotions and creams women use, they usually have a static agents which is very harmful for gemstones and it fades the shine of the gemstone. Never use chlorine perfume or any kind of spray on your body while wearing any of the gemstone.

Always keep your gemstone in a fabric bag to keep it away from any damages, because scratches or any kind of damage to the stone. As keeping your gemstone in the metallic container can definitely gives the permanent damages to your gemstone. Which ultimately reduce the effectiveness of your gemstone and will make it very difficult for you to get rid of your problems.

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