How to Wear Moonga (Red Coral) Ratan

How to Wear Moonga (Red Coral) Ratan

The Best Time to wear Moonga (Red Coral)

A good time to start a new work is called as ‘Shukla Paksha’. Moonga (Red Coral) should be mounted in Copper or Gold metal Ring and wear in Ring finger. Most of the astrologer's agreed that the best day to wear Moonga (Red Coral) stone in good time is very crucial. If someone does not wear the Moonga (Red Coral) in Shukla Paksha, then bad consequences could be there in that person’s life.  

The Best Day to wear Moonga (Red Coral)

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Moonga (Red Coral) should be mounted in Copper or Gold metal Ring and wear in Ring finger of right hand. Wear ring on Tuesday morning during the increasing moon (Shukla Paksha) near sunrise time.

Which Finger or Hand is correct to wear Moonga (Red Coral) Gemstone?

The correct finger to wear a Moonga (Red Coral) is your ring finger and in any of your which you find suitable for you whether it is left or right. Sun is the ruler of the planets that influence human destiny and Sun is a friend of Mars.

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How to take care of Moonga (Red Coral) gemstone after wearing it?

Do Care while wearing Moonga (Red Coral)

Although the Moonga (Red Coral) gemstones have very hard structure and shiny surface in nature so you don’t have to take care for its shine, but still you must be careful about its being dirty.

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Suppose you fail to keep the stone ring clean while traveling, then don’t worry you can clean it with a very simple procedure. You can keep little warm water in a bowl and put few drops of gentle soap in it. Then put the Moonga (Red Coral) jewelry in then leave it for whole night, and clean it with cotton clone in the morning. Don’t forget to

Keeping a very intense focus while getting ready for any function or marriage is very important, because the Moonga(Red Coral) gemstone must be the last thing you must war because, when you wear makeup’s skin lotions etc on your skin then it also get stick on the gemstone which you must avoid.

As we know that Moonga (Red Coral) stone is one of the strongest elements on earth but one thing is more important is that Moonga (Red Coral) Gemstone is very sensitive toward acids. Like lemon juice and other citric product. So you must be care full while cooking your food and you must not wear any of gemstone while cooking. Because it while diminish the shine of your gemstone and also the effect of the gemstone also may disappear from you

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Store Moonga (Red Coral) Gemstone with Care

Keeping your Moonga (Red Coral) ornaments is very important for safety purpose. You must avoid keeping all your Moonga (Red Coral) ornaments in plastic container, but should keep them in a fabric bag. Moonga (Red Coral) is very hard in nature then probabilities are there that your Moonga (Red Coral) ornaments will harm each other’s shine.

When you put them in single container or a bag, so always remember never keep all your Moonga (Red Coral) ornaments in a single fabric bag keep all of them in different bags.

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