Importance of Vastu Shanti before Entering New House

Importance of Vastu Shanti before Entering New House

Vastu Shanti must be done before entering the new house. The negative energy of the building is eliminated by doing Vastu Shanti, only then the house gives auspicious effect. Which brings happiness and happiness and prosperity in life. According to Vastu Shastra, one should enter the house by worshipping Kuldev and worshiping the elders while doing Mangalacharan and pleasing the Brahmins.
Whenever you buy a new house, its Vastu Shanti  should be done before entering in the house.Try to figure out that if there is any defect in the house we bought or built unknowingly, then the defect of Vastu peace can be removed. In this, only special worship of Vastu Dev is done. So that happiness and peace prevails in our house.
Vastu means the living place of man and God. Vastu Shastra is ancient science which helps in getting the benefits of giving free by the main elements of the creation.
These main elements are sky, earth, water, fire and air. Vastu Shanti This is actually the God of directions, of the five elements of nature, of natural sources and things connected with it. We make Vastu Shanti to remove all types of Vastu defects. Due to this, Vastu defects in land or dam work, in nature or environment are removed.
To break any big cannabis in the building like Vastu dosha, she comes to worship according to Vastu Shastra. According to the following, you should make a certain architectural peace to avoid the bad effects caused by nature or the environment.
Method of Vastu Shanti
First of all put white cloth on an outpost. Put some rice on it. Place a small copper urn on it with water. Keep a lotus flower in it. If the lotus flower is absolutely unavailable, then keep peas flowers in it. Place a fruit near the urn.
After that, by setting up the four Vedas mentally on the copper Kalash, reciting 'Vishnusahsranama' stotra is possible seven times. In this way, do it for seven or twenty one days.
Change the flowers and fruits daily and keep the previous day's flowers in your books, offices, chest or other important places for twenty four hours and then bury them in the ground. Collect rice grains in a vessel everyday and at the end of the ritual, cook them and feed them to the cow or distribute them as prasad. Offer Halwa to the Lord on the last day of the ritual.
If this ritual can be done, start at Shukla Paksha. Can start anytime in crisis. If women come on the menstrual days in the middle of the ritual, then the rituals should be closed and resumed later in those days. Count the days ahead of the day the ritual took place.

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