Indian Arrival Day, 30 May; Astrology and Abroad Travel

Indian Arrival Day, 30 May; Astrology and Abroad Travel

It is on History records that people from the Indian subcontinent have traveled in different parts of the world from the early times. The Indian Arrival Day relates to the travel, shifting or sailing out of the Indian subcontinent natives around the 18th and the 19th centuries. The Indian natives’ overseas travel then, some may have been out of willingness while others circumstantial. Indians have served in foreign defense services such as the UK Army. However, the Indian Arrival Day relates to the Indians who were called and transported by the European colonial authorities and agencies for work in plantations, agriculture produce, settlements, etc, out of the Indian subcontinent.

Among the earliest Indian Arrival Day-related celebrations, it can be traced back to 1945. In the modern-day, the Indian Arrival Day continues to be celebrated to commemorate the arrival of Indians in regions primarily in the Caribbean countries. Though Indians arrived in many other countries like Fiji, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, parts of North and South America, etc in those early times; however, the countries that mark the Indian Arrival Day include Jamaica, Trinidad, and Tobago, Mauritius, Suriname, etc. The date of the Indian Arrival Day varies region or country-wise. Indian Arrival Day also relates to the Indian Heritage Day, the term used in some regions.

In many regions, the Indian Arrival Day is marked as a holiday. In many such countries, there are huge Indian origin populations that have grown over time. The term “PIO” also refers to the Indian natives whose forefathers and families migrated and settled in other regions. PIO stands for Person of Indian Origin.

In modern times, there is a high trend of Indians traveling or posting themselves abroad, temporarily or permanently. The leading reasons for this are for work, job-employment, business, earning fortunes, medical, etc. Some Indians live abroad for other reasons like better work conditions, environment, higher income, etc. Some travel abroad for education and many continue staying or working there on completion of their education.

Astrology can help any native to find the scope, condition or status of overseas travel and its prediction through his-her birth chart. Astrology can also tell about other related features, such as if it is auspicious or favorable for a person to go abroad, the auspicious time-period to go or stay abroad and so forth. In Astrology, generally, the 12th House in the horoscope birth chart, Janam Kundli, is regarded as an important factor for the trait of travel abroad. The 3rd House is considered for local or domestic travel. A strong 9th House can indicate the success aspect of a native going abroad.

Among all the celestial bodies and astrological aspects, mainly the planet Jupiter is given importance and priority in foreign travel interpretation. Note that Jupiter rules Houses 9th and the 12th. Jupiter rules the signs Sagittarius and Pisces. However, Rahu and Ketu are also seen for the overseas travel factor. However, the entire horoscope, multiple other astrological factors, planetary combinations, Dashas, Yogs, etc have to be factored in determining the about the foreign travel feature and its accuracy.

A Mantra for Lord Ganesha to remove any obstacles for going abroad is—

                        Aum Shree Ganeshaya Namah

                        ॐ श्री गणेशाय नमः

A Mantra for Jupiter is—

                        Om Gurave Namah

                        ॐ गुरुवे नमः

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