Know About Venus in Astrology, and the Transit of Venus - 16 April 2019

Know About Venus in Astrology, and the Transit of Venus - 16 April 2019

The planet Venus will make a transit on the 16th of April 2019. Venus will transit from the sign Aquarius to Pisces. Venus will stay in the Pisces sign from the 16th of April to the 10th of May, i.e., for about 24 days. Venus stays in a sign for about 23 days to a little more than 2 months. There are about 15 transits of Venus in the different 12 signs in 2019.

In Astrology, the feminine planet Venus represents love, friendship, partnerships, beauty, attraction, romance, materialistic comforts, luxury, finances, etc. From ancient times, Venus has been regarded as the Goddess of Love. Venus is also known as the Goddess of Grace. The 2nd planet from the Sun, and the neighbor of Earth, Venus is at times called the twin and sister planet of the Earth.

The gemstone for the auspiciousness of Venus is Jarkon, zircon, diamond. It is said to enhance favorability in the daily source of income, desire, pleasure, fertility, recreation, entertainment, beauty, love, attraction, etc. Venus is accountable for certain relations like the life partner, spouse, marriages and love relations. Venus is linked to certain health problems and solutions related to the reproductive system, beauty, intestinal, etc.

Venus rules the signs Taurus and Libra. Venus rules Houses 2nd and the 7th. Venus is exalted in Pisces. Venus is debilitated in Virgo. Venus is friends with Mercury and Saturn, Venus is neutral with Mars and Jupiter, and Venus is opponents or enemies with the Sun and the Earth’s moon.

Unlike other planets, Venus and Uranus in the solar system rotate backward. Venus is the brightest object in the sky after the Earth’s moon and the Sun.

Fridays are dedicated to Venus. Friday is called ShukrVaar in Hindi where Shukr means Venus, Freitag in German, Viernes in Spanish, Veneris in Latin, Kinyobi in Japanese where Kinboshi means Venus, Yawm aljumea in Arabic, etc.

A Mantra for Venus is—

                        Om Shukraya Namah

                         शुक्राय नमः

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