Know the Reason behind Throwing of Coins in River

Know the Reason behind Throwing of Coins in River

Ancient Indian, Greek-Roman, Babylonian etc astrologies and cultures have a lot of mythologies, value belief systems, scriptures, texts, philosophies, celestial-cosmic knowledge information, remedies to problems etc. In an Indian Astrology and old healthcare system to particular problems is the throwing of coins in the river.

In the ancient times, river water was used for cooking, drinking, agriculture, plantation etc.  In the primitive ancient civilizations, many settlers lived along the natural supply of water, such as river, lakes, creeks, streams etc, e.g. Harappan, Indus Valley Civilization, on the Indus river basin. These natural water bodies perhaps were the main easier source of water as compared to underground water, such as wells, Baolis (mainly Rajasthan), stepwells etc, rainwater harvesting and so forth.

Many Indians and Nepalese believe that throwing coins in the river is auspicious and sacred. Throwing of coins in the river is considered to bring good luck. The throwing of coins in the river following may be traced back to ancient times. It may be linked to both Astrology remedies and spirituality. Some modern-day natives may even believe that throwing of coins in the river may have some religious significance. However, there can be an old scientific or logical reason behind it.

Another reason of the culture or practice of throwing coins in the river may be that the tradition dates back to the time when copper was used in currency coins, unlike today’s steel or aluminum. Certain metals are rich in minerals and possess the quality that enables natural good health. One example is copper. Even in modern times, many Indian and Nepalese families store water in copper vessels. Copper is said to be in use from thousands of years back in time.

Copper, chemical element symbol Cu, is said to be rich in minerals. Copper is a good electrical conductor. Copper is good for certain body organs, being active overall etc. Copper balances the body and mental activeness, immune system etc. Copper is a must need nutrient by a human body, including the brain-mind. It is said to dissolves microbes and cure diseases. Copper kills certain bacteria.

According to an Ayurveda reading, copper is said to purify and enrich water. This, in turn, is good for the human body and mind. Throwing of coins in the river was perhaps good to further enrich the river water.

However, in the modern day, when people throw coins in the river, it must be more of a psychological aspect or like a superstition, or just for the sake of it to bring good luck and auspiciousness. Sometimes, there is the ripple effect that where one sees others throwing coins in the after, others follow suit or just copy. Some people relate throwing of coins in the river to be associated with financial gain or to gain the auspiciousness and grace of the Goddess of Wealth, Goddess Lakshmi, for the financial gain wish to be granted.

Taking the example of throwing of coins in the river, families should use copper vessels, glasses, and utensils in their home kitchens and cutlery.

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