Cherishing the Konark Dance and Music Festival, 19 February 2019

Cherishing the Konark Dance and Music Festival, 19 February 2019

Konark, a small-sized city, in the Indian State of Orissa, in Puri District, is famous for its UNESCO Heritage Site, the world famous Konark Sun Temple. The name Konark itself means the angle and the Sun; where ‘Kona’ means angle and ‘arka’ means the Sun or Lord Surya.  Konark falls on the east coast, and faces the Bay of Bengal, therefore it witnesses the sea facing the sunrise. Konark is also popular for its annual, once in a year, Konark Dance and Music Festival. This is mainly a cultural event.

The Konark Dance and Music Festival is mainly a 3 to 5-day event. It includes night shows. Performers, artists, musicians, vocalists, dancers, soloists, instrumentalists etc participate in the event not only from the Orissa region but also from other parts of India. There is also an Award presentation ceremony. Many events are held with the Konark Sun Temple in the background. There is great lighting and choreography arrangement.

The Konark Dance and Music Festival is an opportunity for the artists to perform in front of a great audience, in a great ambiance of art lovers, but it is also an opportunity for them to get further recognition and enhance their self-esteem, talent appreciation, practice etc. Many in the audience also have a deep desire to experience, witness and feel the classic culture, heritage, traditional dresses, Indian music instruments etc of India. There are international visitors too.

Some of the popular traditional Indian dance styles are Kuchipudi, Bharatnatyam, Kathakali, Odissi etc.; and some of the popular music instruments are Shehnai, Tabla, Sitar, Sarangi, Shankh, Bansuri – flute etc.

The Founder of the Konark Dance and Music Festival was Late Guru Gangadhar Pradhan. In his life, he won many awards and honors, both domestic and international.

Some of the famous artists who have performed at the Konark Dance and Musical Festival are the renowned Ustad Zakir Hussain, Ms. Rama Vaidyanathan, Pandit Viku Vinayakram, Ms. Latitha Venkat, Mr. M. Balamuralikrishna, Mr. Vijay Ghate, Dr. Sunil Kothari, Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan etc.

Konark can be reached in a combination of air, road or rail journey. The nearest airport is Bhubaneswar, BBI. The direct flight time between Delhi and Bhubaneswar BBI is about 2 hours. The direct flight between Kolkata CCU and Bhubaneswar BBI is about an hour. Konark to Bhubaneswar is about 72 km or 45 miles. The nearest major Railway Station to Konark is Puri, at a distance about 31 km, about 19 miles. There are trains from Delhi to Puri; it takes about 30 hours of the train journey. There are also frequent Volvo buses between Konark and Bhubaneswar, Cuttack etc.


A Mantra for Lord Surya is -

                                    Om Suryaaye Namah

                                     सूयार्य नमः

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