Lal Kitab Remedies for Money

Lal Kitab Remedies for Money

Everyone needs money in this world and it is more important that how to save money. For the solution of all these problems, there are some remedies mentioned in the Lal Kitab that can be found in your daily life and get rid of all these problems.

We often get to see that a person's expenses are more than his income, even if his income is 10 thousand, 50 thousand or 1 lakh it does not matter much. Because a man puts his happiness on top of everything and other things later then in such a situation, nothing remains in the hands of the dependent people by the end of the month.

Through deep study of astrology the Lal Kitab Upay for Money is very effective and it is known that money is directly related to the movement of various planets present in one's horoscope. Also, the presence of various planets' shadows and emotions affects them the most.

Which planets create the problem to wealth?

As far as the issues are concerned about the problems in the way to get wealthy, we find that countless such yoga present in the horoscope are seen which are related to wealth. First of all talk about Rahu, if Rahu is sitting in the place of profit in the horoscope then it creates wealth related troubles with its shadow. Also, when the third house becomes highly active in the horoscope or in the fourth house, the presence of sinful planets affects the place of profit.

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Also, the combination of Shani Chandra and Ketu spoil the profit space which leads to impoverishment. With all these, the position of Jupiter, that is the planet Jupiter is in bad mood in the horoscope, or if a sinful planet is sitting in place of Jupiter, then there are immense possibilities within the horoscope which spoil the place of profit which leads to a situation of impoverishment.

Remedies to save and grow your wealth

Measures of getting wealth which are written in Lal Kitab Remedies have direct relation with the position of planets. If there is a sinful planet with Moon in the horoscope, then it displays many signs that affect you directly or indirectly. To solve the problem of lunar and sinful planets, make pudding in milk every Tuesday and distribute it to the poor for 3 to 4 months. Gradually all the money related problems will be eliminated.

Along with this, in order to please Jupiter, the lord of the fourth house, for 400 days continuously, take 400 grams of gram pulse and flow it in water. With all these measures, money will stay in hand and there will be an increase in the means of wealth and income.

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