Leverage the Ancient Natural Astrology Remedies to Overcome Depression

Leverage the Ancient Natural Astrology Remedies to Overcome Depression

What is depression?

Depression is a negative mental status or mood disorder where a person feels low or down in mood, in thoughts, gets feelings of worthlessness, feels pressurized in the mind, or feels frustrated etc. A person in depression is also often saddened, emotionally disturbed, tensed, irritable, or anxious etc. In a state of depression, a person at times is in a mental condition of being withdrawn and generally lacks interest in activities. In some extreme cases, some even get thoughts of committing suicide. Depression is curable.

Depression can happen temporarily for a moment meaning for a very short duration of time, or it can happen for much longer periods of time like for years in the form of a serious or severe ailment-disease. Depression may be independent of a person or it can be a trend in a family like coming from generations in a family. Depression can happen at any age or stage in life from older school children to old age. In a study, it suggested that females may be more prone to depression than men.

The basic background of modern-day depression

Most of the time, depression is out of hand and purview for the majority of the people especially at the time when this depression starts. In the modern times, many people, especially in the busy and at times personally or professionally or materialistically pressured Western lifestyle societies, they resort to high doses of medicines to overcome their depression problems and-or any related mental ailments.  Depression can happen with anyone irrespective of his-her social, financial, educational-level, demographics etc status and background. These medicinal doses are at times harmful in the long run, some have many side-effects, for example, it can reduce immunity, disturb the future mental-physical balance further, increase medicinal dependency and so forth. 

What is the trend of modern-day cure and treatment for depression?

Normally, Psychiatrists and other registered-certified mental health specialists prescribe medicines like antidepressants. They also advice the therapies, beneficial participation in social activities etc, as a part of the cure for killing depression.

However, due to problems associated with some powerful medicines, these can have side-effects over time in the life of any person suffering from depression, as mentioned above. Therefore, many resorts to ancient Indian natural cure and the time-tested remedy systems.

How ancient Indian systems gratified for depression

The Indian ancient Ayurveda medical-medicinal system, Astrology remedies, Vedas, Yoga, etc provided for natural solution and cure for depression. In Ayurveda, depression is called Mano Avasad.

How Astrology helps cure depression

Astrology helps any native identify any Dosha or any bad-malefic planetary circumstances or any other problem in the birth chart for conditions causing depression; basis which Astrology remedies are provided. Depression is directly linked with the mind and brain, and its condition. The main celestial bodies regarded in determining any person’s mental status through the birth chart are the Sun, the moon, Mercury, and the astrological aspects Rahu and Ketu.

The main Houses in the birth chart for depression analysis are the 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, and the 12th. For example, the 4th House is ruled by the moon, and the moon is accountable for mood, temperament, etc. The overall planets’ (including Rahu-Ketu) relationship, conjunctions, placement-positioning, statuses, etc in the birth chart are studied. Every individual has a unique horoscope birth chart, called Janam Kundli. Therefore, an accurate interpretation of the Janam Kundli of the person suffering from depression is important.

Once a Priest or Astrologer identifies the problem or the cause for depression through Astrology, s/he will provide the appropriate Astrology remedy. The Astrology remedies can be first in the form of Astrology consultation for Kundli, followed by the specific to person remedy, which could be a single  or more of remedies like Mantra, Yajya or Puja (prayer), gemstones, Rudraksha, Yantra, meditation, donating planet related items to poor, Yoga exercises like Pranayama etc.

A Mantra for Lord Ganesha, the Lord of wisdom, intelligence, brain-power, etc and the Remover of Obstacles in life, and who is also worshiped in Jainism and Buddhism is—

                                          Om Gan Ganpate Namah

                                                ॐ गंगणपतये नम:

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