About Manik Gemstone - Power of Ruby Stone

About Manik Gemstone - Power of Ruby Stone

A brief about Manikya (Ruby)

Ruby is one of the most historically significant colored stones. Since the ancient times and people are aware about its significance and power. That is why Ruby is called ratnaraj or ‘king of precious stones’.

In the first century, the rubies were first described as the strongest stones because of their hardness and density in their structure. Ancient Hindus believed that those who offered fine rubies to the god Krishna were granted rebirth as emperors.

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The rubies were divided into four casts on the basis of their colour intensity and their shine. In ancient India the ruby were worshiped before battles because the ruby were considered among the source of the god of energy. People not consider wearing of rubies but they also insert the rubies in their bodies.


History of Ruby stone

The word ruby derived from the Latin word rubber means ‘Red’. Which means the shine in the ruby looks exactly like the fire appears inside the ruby.

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The Ruby stone is most precious among the 12 stones that God have created.

With rise in western culture the Ruby stone gained more cultural value for itself. And later on is become the most precious stone in the European culture. But with continuous efforts of priest and people associated in worshiping God, glorified the power of Ruby stones and make the people know the values of ruby and other precious stones.

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Many Europeans used to wear rubies in the ancient time to show off their wealth and success in love.

Desire for ruby is just as great today as it always has been. As a symbol of passion, ruby makes an ideal romantic gift. Consumers are drawn to the lush color because it also signifies wealth and success.

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Powers of Ruby Stone

The stone ruby is associated with the sun and it is assumed to have similar powers as possessed by Sun.  The physical and mental health is to be controlled by ruby stone.  Also the rubies stones are find capable of predicting future and viewed as a stone of the prophecy.

The ruby stoned is even considered for alarming the danger, as when something very dangerous or anything mischievous is about to happen the colour of the ruby gets darken. Rubies were good for the heart, brain and memory. Rubbing rubies on skin and can vitalize it and could make your skin younger.

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Rubies give you motivation and can make you passionate about something. It is also the symbol for energy and hence the ruby is the main source of path decider in someone’s life. The positive motivation and new energy to work towards the goals is also having the influence of ruby stone.

The extraordinary persons mind is highly influenced by the rubies because it gives hyper energy to their mind and body to perform the entire task so that they can achieve their goals. Ruby is also source of the powerful feelings of a person. The ruby stone reserves and produce all the forces within the body.

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