Mother’s Day, 12 May 2019; Astrology and Mother

Mother’s Day, 12 May 2019; Astrology and Mother

Mother’s Day, honoring motherhood, is a day marked in honor and tribute to all the mothers in the world, whether living or diseased. Mother’s Day is a day to remember, cherish and value the pain, efforts, care, etc that a mother takes with unconditional love that she keeps for her child or children.

Every year, in the majority of the countries of the world, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in the month of May. In 2019, Mothers Day is falling on the 12th of May.

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, many children present flowers and-or gifts to their respective mothers. Many leverage this occasion to take the blessings of the mother. Some who have lost their mothers, visit temples, holy places, burial places or remember and pray in their minds. Many schools and institutions hold special Mother’s Day essay competition, programs, and fun events.

Some countries recognize Mother’s Day as a holiday while others do not. Many children draw and make cards for their mothers. In the modern-day, many children especially those away, send messages to their mothers through WhatsApp, Facebook, video calls, etc. Many post pictures with their mothers, especially of childhood. Many e-commerce and retail outlets come out with special Mother’s Day discount offers.

In Astrology, the 4th House in the birth chart, Janam Kundli is about the relation of the mother. The Cancer sign is also associated more with mother; therefore, if a person wishes to know about the wellbeing, relationship or auspiciousness about mother, or the happiness of mother in a person or child’s birth chart, then the 4th House is introspected. Many regard the moon as a motherly planet. The 4th House is also related to home, family, emotions, moods, heart, feelings, motherland, education, etc.

An Astrologer can tell about the welfare, wellbeing, health, and happiness of the mother. Astrology improves aspects related to the mother and the relationship. Among many astrological aspects, the placement-positioning of the moon in the different Houses with or without friendly, neutral or unfriendly planets can have different connotations about mother.

Among the many Goddesses, many come to the rescue or support in the form of a mother, to mention some: Maa Shakti – Goddess of power, strength and energy; Maa Parvati – Lord Shiva’s consort and mother of God Ganesha and God Kartikeya; Maa Lakshmi – Goddess of wealth; Maa Saraswati – Goddess of Knowledge and learning; Kali and Durga – the avatars of Goddess Parvati.

We wish all global natives a very Happy Mother’s Day. We pray that every person on Earth to have the blessings and happiness of mother and that all mothers are blessed with the children they seek for through their lifetime.

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