How Sagittarius can transform their life while Jupiter transits?

How Sagittarius can transform their life while Jupiter transits?

Jupiter Transit (Nov 5, 2019 -March 2020)

Time of Transit- 2:00 am, 5th November 2019 

Jupiter which is the governing planet for Sagittarius, It is going to transit into Sagittarius till the middle of March 2020 and it will further move into Capricorn and again it is going to retrograde back towards the end of the June and September. Till November 25 it will be in Sagittarius after that it will transit into Capricorn. The transit is only good as the Ashtakavarga Score.

Benefits of Jupiter’s Transit in Sagittarius:-

The transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius would be favorable and lucky for those who are Sagittarius individuals.

  • Luck is on your side during this transit period.
  • Your professional meeting and dealing would be highly beneficial for you.
  • You will see an increase in your social gathering and arrangement.
  • Best time to implement new projects and ideas as there are chances of payback due to the transit of Jupiter.
  • Your superior would be glad about the hard work you put in your work.
  • You are suggested to be careful while dealing with property associated matters.
  • You are suggested to put forth your sincere hard work to preserve cordial relations with others as there is probability of straining relationships.
  • There would be pleasant-sounding influences in your married life or couple life.
  • It is best to carry out your arrangement of an outing or trip with your beloved ones.
  • There are fair chances of declaration of family matters.
  • You are suggested to pay attention to your diet and exercise otherwise your health can also get affected.

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