Enlightenment about Sangha Day, Magha Puja, 19 February 2019

Enlightenment about Sangha Day, Magha Puja, 19 February 2019

The Sanskrit word Sangha or Samgha means association, together, togetherness, assembly, union, group or a community. Sangha also refers to the order of the Buddhists.

Magha refers to the Hindu - Buddhist calendar 11th month Magha; popular in India and Nepal and in Buddhism. Puja means to pray or to observe the prayer ceremony. The Magha month falls between the Gregorian period of January and February. In 2019, Magha is falling in the Gregorian period 21st of January to the 19th of February.

The Sangha Day is also referred to and called Magha Puja Day, and Fourfold Assembly Day. However, Magha Puja is pronounced differently in the Southeast Asia countries region, such as Makha Bucha in Thailand, sounding similar to Magha Puja. The Sangha Day marks the commemoration of the Buddhist community, its belief, tradition system, Buddhist faith etc.

The Sangha Day falls on the first full moon day in the month of Magha. The Gregorian date of Sangha Day, Magha Puja, can vary every year. And many Buddhists conduct Puja, prayers on the occasion. The 19th of February 2019 is a public holiday in Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos.

Sangha Day is one of the most important festivals in Buddhism. Sangha Day is majorly observed in Sri Lanka and some of the South East Asian countries like Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand, among the Buddhist communities, but mostly the Theravada Buddhists. Theravada means southern.

On the occasion of Sangha Day, many Buddhists exchange gifts. Many gift Monks and Buddhist spiritual leaders; these are like new clothing items. Many perform Puja – prayers, chant Mantra, meditate etc. Many light oil lamps in a spiritual procession. Many visit Buddhist temples, monasteries or holy places. Angkor Wat in Cambodia is one of the largest religious monuments globally, which was originally built in dedication to Lord Vishnu.


A popular powerful Buddhist Mantra is -

                        Nam Myoho Renge Kyo


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